How we do it - Transcom

How we do it

Transcom’s management model serves as the basic foundation for how all our units deliver value. Continuous improvement is embedded through our daily work with clients.

Transcom’s management model encapsulates a set of common value creation elements that we apply to most situations. The use of the model is tailored to each specific case, and the methods we employ are constantly sharpened and refined in our day-to-day work with clients.

The fundamental objective is to cost-effectively drive improved customer experience, brand loyalty and additional sales. Along the way, we also add insights and value to our clients’ business operations.

Together with our clients, Transcom adds value by:


Applying our industry experience and best practice methods.

Through our work with clients, we develop and maintain deep know-how in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, financial services, media & communication, consumer electronics, and travel & transportation. This knowledge is combined with, and augmented by, each client’s expertise in order to bring the right solutions to every project. 


Defining the right channel strategy. 

This has become even more critical as the popularity of social media has exploded in recent years. Companies have had to invest, and consistently engage with customers, in an ever-growing number of channels. Transcom helps clients who want to provide a consistent, customized customer experience that can move seamlessly across voice and non-voice channels as the customer requires.


Maximizing workforce effectiveness.

Effective workforce management is fundamental to successfully operating a contact center, not least in order to manage the volatility inherent in customer care management operations. Therefore, workforce optimization is at the very core of Transcom’s client proposition. Our approach to recruitment, induction, performance management and organizational culture adaptation has been refined over many years across several hundred deployments in different sectors and geographies.


Managing the sourcing mix.

Transcom’s global delivery network across five continents is one of the most extensive in the industry. We deliver services from onshore, near shore as well as from offshore contact centers. We also have an extensive network of home agents, primarily in North America and Scandinavia.  Our wide geographic presence means that we can offer our clients flexibility with regards to sourcing options and devise solutions that are well-adapted to client needs.


Optimizing operations and infrastructure.

We are relentlessly working to drive operational efficiency in all areas, while at the same time improving customer experience. We are continuously investing in processes and tools that help our agents deliver better services with lower risk, higher consistency and greater efficiency.