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Nomination Committee

Nomination Committee

The nomination committee is formed each year in October in consultation with the largest shareholders of Transcom as per 30 September each year. The nomination committee will consist of at least three members appointed by the largest shareholders of Transcom (given that they elected to appoint a member). The nomination committee is appointed for a term of office commencing at the time of the announcement of the interim report for the period January – September and ending when a new nomination committee is formed.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for preparing and submitting a proposal for the composition of the Board of Directors; remuneration for the Board of Directors and the auditor; and a proposal on the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting. The proposal is included in the convening notice to the Annual General Meeting.

Shareholders wishing to propose candidates for election to the Board of Directors of Transcom should submit their proposal in writing to agm@transcom.com or to the Company Secretary, Transcom WorldWide AB, P.O. Box 34220, SE-100 26 Stockholm, Sweden.

Nomination Committee for the 2017 Annual General Meeting

A Nomination Committee consisting of major shareholders in Transcom has been formed in accordance with the resolution of the 2016 Annual General Meeting. The Nomination Committee is comprised of Mattias Holmström representing Altor Fund Manager AB, Daniel Nyhrén representing Creades AB, Johan Strandberg representing SEB S.A. and Arne Lööw representing The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund (Fjärde AP-fonden). Mattias Holmström has been appointed Committee Chairman.