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Re-domiciliation 2014

In November 2014, Transcom executed a re-domiciliation of the parent company of the Transcom Group from Luxembourg to Sweden. 

The change of domicile to Sweden aligns Transcom’s legal domicile with the domicile of its owners, as the majority of Transcom’s shareholders are Swedish. Following the re-domiciliation to Sweden, general meetings of the shareholders will be held in Sweden rather than in Luxembourg, thus facilitating shareholder participation at general meetings. Furthermore, Transcom is no longer bound by dual legal systems – Swedish and Luxemburgish. This will lower costs and simplify the execution of corporate actions. The change of domicile  also simplifies Transcom’s listing set-up, abandoning the SDR system and establishing one class of shares. 

A 1:50 reverse split of the ordinary shares of Transcom WorldWide AB (publ) was executed shortly after the implementation of the re-domiciliation, whereby 50 ordinary shares became one (1) new share of the same class. December 11, 2014 was the first day of trading after the reverse share split.

Re-domiciliation documentation

Press release, 26 Nov 2014: Transcom's re-domiciliation to Sweden completed; 1:50 reverse split to follow

Press release, 7 Nov 2014: The ordinary shares of Transcom WorldWide AB approved for trading on Nasdaq Stockholm

Press release, 25 Sept 2014: The SCRO grants Transcom permission to implement the re-domiciliation merger

Merger Prospectus

Documents relating to Extraordinary General Meeting on September 4, 2014

Merger Plan 21 July 2014

Merger Plan Swe 21 juli 2014

Appendix 1. AoA TWWAB (Eng)

Appendix 1. AoA TWWAB

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Appendix c. Annual Report 2012 TWWAB (Eng)

Appendix c. Annual Report 2012 TWWAB

Appendix c. Annual Report 2013 TWWAB (Eng)

Appendix d. Q2 2014 Financial Statement TWWSA

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