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Cost efficient

Transcom’s global footprint and consistent service delivery framework ensure that we can deploy the right skills, in the appropriate language and at the optimal cost, delivering the ROI, performance and innovation our clients are looking for.

Operating on a global level – yet ensuring adaptability to the local nature of clients’ businesses – requires a comprehensive level of management and control. Transcom’s service delivery framework consists of processes, operational procedures, measures and products, supported by industry best-in-class technology and tailor-made solutions.

The framework is continually evolving and encapsulates the core elements and best practices of Transcom’s outsourced contact center organization to ensure that we consistently deliver high-quality service and innovation to our clients at a competitive price level. The streamlining and automation of processes is an integral part of our service development. This is becoming ever more critical in our industry, as meeting new demands is increasingly challenging for the individual contact center agent, who needs to support a larger number of products, know each customer, meet tougher compliance demands, and stay on top of multiple emerging channels. Transom uses sophisticated workflow management tools to alleviate the pressure through the integration of channels, core applications, business intelligence and customer data.

Ultimately, our processes and tools allow us to meet and exceed client expectations through effective onboarding of new personnel and rapid delivery of constant, high-quality performance.