Sales-driven - Transcom


Clients increasingly call on us to help drive sales and growth. We train our agents to help you win new customers as well as cross- and upsell to existing ones.

An important gateway to increased sales with your current customers is through reinforcing buying decisions related to prior purchases. Every interaction is an opportunity to deliver on those service promises, strengthen customers’ emotional ties to your brand and use these occasions as bridges to new sales opportunities.

Our agents are experts at needs-based selling, adept at identifying consumer needs during any type of interaction and taking immediate and appropriate action to satisfy the customer’s need while maximizing cross-sales and upsales for you.

We also run carefully planned cross-sales and upsales programs together with our clients, identifying the customers most likely to be attracted by a new sales proposition. Then, we will design sales initiatives that employ the most appropriate channels and approaches to deliver that proposition, using our expert sales teams to close the deal.

In our customer acquisition programs, we create multi-channel sales campaigns that deliver maximum value for a realistic cost. Because our teams are briefed to understand not only your product but your brand promise, too, we will deliver a customer experience that represents your organization with confidence. So, when a sale is made, we will have laid the foundations for a long-term relationship.

In our customer retention and win-back programs, we will help you identify the triggers for customer defection and work with you to develop propositions and incentives that, when offered by our skilled agents at exactly the right moment, will turn disaffection into loyalty.