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  • Stefania Melosi

    Transcom Italia wins Customer Relationship Management Award

    Process innovation increases customer satisfaction and improves the operating efficiency of Lastminute.com services Transcom Italia has been assigned the 2016 best Customer Relationship Management award by a panel of experts from the CMMC Club, the association for companies and service providers working in the client relations supply chain. For CMMC, the award is a way to promote businesses that stand out, in a particularly complicated period for the sector, for the excellence of the initiatives...
  • Stefan Pettersson

    The world is calling

    “You have to be ready for virtually any situation and so it is fundamental for us to have a solid supplier like Transcom who can guarantee us a high-quality service all the time.” Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director of lastminute.com group Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director at lastminute.com group As a customer care agent, you need a lot of finesse and quick thinking, not to mention diplomatic and language skills. Big time,” says Giorgio Bonafini, Operations Director of lastminu...
  • Debora Mendola

    Transcom successfully handles peak traffic in 11 countries for an international client

    Flexibility, scalability and technology at our clients’ service Not so long ago, one of our clients, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, asked us to submit a proposal to manage a peak in customer care traffic for several weeks in 11 European countries. The client in question had to recall and replace a defective product of which about 10,000 had been sold throughout Europe. The communication campaign was expected to generate a peak in the number of calls in France, Spain, Portugal, t...
  • Magdalena Szałaj

    Transcom adds new client in the white goods sector

    Another white goods client was recently added to the Transcom portfolio. The Chinese multinational in question, a global leader in the consumer electronics and white goods sector, designs, develops, produces and markets many different items, including air-conditioners, smartphones, computers, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and TVs. Various major brands in the consumer electronics and durable goods segments have already entrusted their customer care and technical assistance serv...
  • Anna Meijere

    Transcom reaches ​High Performance Benchmark target for Client Overall Satisfaction in 2015

    Transcom regularly measures Client Satisfaction through online surveys. The surveys are based on COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center) principles, and quantify ​overall ​satisfaction and satisfaction with specific attributes (e.g. end-user/customer feedback management, account management, key support processes) across multiple entities and provide a total score for a client. All managers in the client organization who have business-related contacts with Transcom are invited to participat...
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