Luxembourg, 25 July 2006 – Transcom WorldWide S.A. (‘Transcom’) (Stockholmsbörsen: TWWA, TWWB), the European CRM and debt collections specialist, today announced its financial results for the second quarter and six months ended 30 June 2006.


• Net sales up 21% to €130.1 (€108.0) million
• Profit before tax up 27% to €8.1 (€6.4) million
• Net income up 28% to €5.9 (€4.6) million
• EPS before dilution up 25% to €0.08 (€0.06)
• Non Kinnevik related party sales up 22% to €35.3 million


• Net sales up 25% to €267.3 (€214.7) million
• Profit before tax up 30% to €18.5 (€14.2) million
• Net income up 31% to €13.5 (€10.3) million
• EPS before dilution up 36% to €0.19 (€0.14)
• Non Kinnevik related party sales up 31% to €71.9 million

Keith Russell, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “I am pleased to report another strong quarter of growth for Transcom. We continue to develop our CRM network and services and remain focused on extending both our nearshore and onshore solutions, providing our clients with a quality proposition at very attractive prices. At the same time, our collections business continues to expand and we are committed to achieving significant scale in this business on a pan-European basis in line with our stated goals. Given the consolidation of European business and Transcom’s unique platform, we are very well positioned to win further pan-European service contracts with major international organisations moving forward.”


Transcom, the European CRM and debt collections specialist, reported 20.5% year on year net sales growth for the second quarter ended 30 June 2006 to €130.1 million (€108.0 million), and 24.5% growth for the first six months to €267.3 million (€214.7 million). During the second quarter, the Company signed a number of new CRM contracts in key vertical markets. These included: Hydro Texaco, the Norwegian petroleum group; Elcoteq, the global electronic manufacturing services company; and Banco Popolare, the Italian financial services group.

Transcom also continued to extend its network of contact centres during the second quarter in order to secure further growth opportunities. On 11 April 2006, Transcom announced its fourth organic development in Italy. The new centre, which is based in Bari, was developed to both absorb business growth from existing clients and also to support the development of further external clients for Transcom. The centre began operations with 100 seats and Transcom expects the facility to grow rapidly to approximately 400 seats by the end of this year.

On 15 May 2006 Transcom announced the opening of a new site in Soissons, the Company’s fifth organic expansion in France. The new site was developed in order to cater for business growth from existing clients and also to support external client growth in the region. The Soissons contact centre was initially opened with 150 seats and is expected to grow to approximately 250 seats by the middle of 2007.

In June 2006, the Company announced that it had acquired the assets of Satel Services SA, a contact centre based in Montluçon, France, for a total cash consideration of €137,000. At the time of purchase, the contact centre employed 100 people, all of whom have become Transcom employees. In anticipation of strong growth from its French clients, particularly the upcoming launch of Tele2’s ULL (unconditional local loop) services in France, Transcom intends to rapidly grow the capacity of the site to 200 people by the end of the year and to over 400 people by the close of 2007. Transcom previously subcontracted work to the Montluçon facility.

In the second quarter, Transcom also expanded its existing operations in Groningen, the Netherlands by 100 seats and added a further 150 seats to its existing centre in Halle, Germany.

After the close of the second quarter, Transcom announced the opening of a new centre in Leuven, Belgium, representing the Company’s second organic development in the country. The new site was developed to support future clients as well as the continued growth of existing clients. The Leuven contact centre initially opened with 60 seats and is anticipated to reach approximately 125 seats in 2007, with potential for further expansion.

As previously announced, Transcom sold its 60% stake in its Moroccan operations (TWW SA Morocco) in the first half of April 2006 to Transcall SA for a consideration of €1.2 million, of which €1.0 million was received in the quarter. This produced a gain against book value of €200,000 which was realized in the second quarter.

Transcom also continued to expand its debt collections business during the second quarter, in line with the Company’s strategic objective of increasing overall Group margins. During the quarter, Transcom began offering collections services in Slovakia, bringing the total number of its debt collection operations to 13 countries.

During the quarter, Transcom added a number of new collections clients in important vertical markets, including: Banco Invesris, the Spanish financial services firm; OTIS, the world’s leading manufacturer, installer and maintainer of elevators; Ford Credit, the automotive financing group; and Bild am Sonntag, a publication within Axel Springer, the German publishing company.

Both of Transcom’s recent debt collections acquisitions, Dr Finsterer + Koenigs in Germany and CBS in the UK, are performing strongly and their results are in line with the Company’s expectations.

As previously announced, Transcom is actively working with partners in order to jointly purchase portfolios of European consumer debt. Under this arrangement, Transcom would be responsible for collecting funds from the portfolio’s debtors and would only be required to place a small percentage of the portfolio’s value on its balance sheet. Transcom will make further announcements in this respect as and when the Company and its partners have entered into definitive agreements to purchase such portfolios. Transcom remains committed to reaching its goal of deriving half of the Company’s profits from debt collections activities by the end of 2007. The attainment of this target is dependant on the continued strong organic development of the business, the completion of further European debt collection acquisitions and the purchase of consumer debt portfolios in conjunction with the Company’s financial partners.

Transcom’s pre-tax margin improved year on year in the second quarter to 6.2% (5.9%), and increased to 6.9% (6.6%) for the first half of the year due to continued robust revenue growth and tight cost control. Transcom’s focus on delivering margin improvements yielded a further reduction in selling, general and administration (SG&A) costs as a percentage of revenue to 13.6% (13.9%) during the second quarter and to 13.1% (13.3%) for the first half. Net interest and other financial items were stable year on year for both the second quarter and first half and Transcom therefore reported a 26.6% year on year increase in pre-tax profits to €8.1 million (€6.4 million) in the second quarter and an increase of 30.3% to €18.5 million (€14.2 million) for the second half.

Transcom continues to have a positive outlook for both its CRM and debt collection businesses for the remainder of the fiscal year. The Company will remain focused on its margin enhancement strategy, continuing to look for appropriate debt collection acquisitions in Europe as well as jointly seeking to purchase European debt portfolios in conjunction with its financial partners. Transcom will also continue with the organic expansion of the debt collection business in order to achieve its financial goals. The Company will leverage its highly developed network of near and onshore CRM centres to win larger pan-European contracts from new clients looking for the best possible price and quality proposition across Europe.


Transcom’s revenues increased by 20.5% in the second quarter to €130.1 million (€108.0 million) and were up by 24.5% year on year to €267.3 million (€214.7 million) for the first half. The second quarter result was accounted for by an increase of 22.1% in Non Kinnevik related revenue, a 21.6% increase in sales to Tele2 and an 8.9% reduction in other Kinnevik related revenue. For the second quarter, Non Kinnevik related revenue accounted for 27.1% of Transcom’s sales, whilst Tele2 accounted for 69.7% and other Kinnevik related revenue accounted for 3.2%.

Transcom’s gross margin was stable year on year at 19.9% (20.0%) for the first half. The gross margin for the second quarter decreased slightly to 19.7% (19.9%). The Company’s gross margin development was somewhat suppressed in the second quarter by a combination of the following factors: the Easter holiday falling in the second quarter, whereas it fell in the first quarter of 2005; continued funding of investments in new debt collection operations and CRM expansions; and lower profitability in certain telemarketing activities due to a tightening of prices in the market. In spite of these factors, Transcom’s net margin increased from 4.3% in Q2 2005 to 4.5% in Q2 2006, and from 4.8% in H1 2005 to 5.1% in H1 2006, due to further reductions in overhead costs as a percentage of revenue. Transcom is continuing its strategy of building low cost, high quality near and offshore solutions to support the growing demand from clients for these services, and the Company expects to make further announcements regarding openings of these types of centres in the balance of the year.

SG&A costs for the second quarter increased by €2.7 million year on year to €17.7 million despite the €22.1 million year on year increase in net sales. SG&A costs for the first six months of the year increased by €6.4 million to €34.9 million, despite the €52.6 million increase in net sales for the same period. As a percentage of revenues, this amounts to a decrease from 13.9% to 13.6% in the second quarter and from 13.3% to 13.1% for the first half of the year. Transcom remains committed to maintaining a strong discipline in controlling operating expenses.

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)
Transcom’s operating income for the second quarter increased by 21.5% to €7.9 million (€6.5 million) and by 27.1% to €18.3 million (€14.4 million) for the first half.

Net income
Net income in the second quarter increased by 28.3% year on year to €5.9 million (€4.6 million), whilst net income for the first half of the year increased by 31.1% to €13.5 million (€10.3 million). Transcom’s net margin for the second quarter increased year on year from 4.3% to 4.5% and from 4.8% to 5.1% for the first six months.

Cash flow, working capital and liquid funds
Transcom generated a 21% year on year increase in cash flow from operations to €18.2 million (€15.1 million) for the first half. Capital expenditure increased by €2.7 million to €7.9 million (€5.2 million) in the first half and represented 3.0% (2.4%) of net sales in the first half year. Capital expenditure during the quarter included: the opening of new contact centres in Bari, Italy, and Soissons, France; the purchase of assets from Satel Services SA; the preparation for the launch of Transcom’s new site in Leuven, Belgium; and the expansion of two of Transcom’s existing contact centres in Halle, Germany and Groningen, the Netherlands.
Working capital outflow decreased from €7.4 million to €3.8 million in the first half as a result of strong control of cash collection from debtors. During the second quarter, Transcom paid a dividend to shareholders amounting to €25.4 million. Transcom also utilised €15 million of funds from its previously announced credit line with SEB in the quarter.

Transcom had €29.6 million in liquid funds at the end of the reporting period and net cash of €10.4 million, compared to €34.7 million and €26.4 million at the close of the first half in 2005.


Transcom’s financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended 30 September 2006 will be published on 24 October 2006.

Keith Russell, President and CEO
Luxembourg, 24 July 2006

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About Transcom
Transcom WorldWide S.A. is a rapidly expanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provider, with over 50 service centres employing more than 12,200 people delivering services to 28 countries – Austria, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Serbia, the UK, the USA and Tunisia.

The company provides CRM solutions for companies in a wide range of industry sectors, including telecommunications and e-commerce, travel & tourism, retail, financial services and utilities. Transcom offers clients a broad array of relationship management services, including inbound communication; telemarketing and outbound; Administrative Tasks; Web servicing; CRM Consultancy Service; Contract Automation; Credit Management Service; Legal Services; and Interpretation Services. Client programs are tailor-made and range from single applications to complex programmes, which are offered on a country-specific or international basis in up to 33 languages.

Transcom WorldWide S.A. ‘A’ and ‘B’ shares are listed on the Stockholmsbörsen O-List under the symbols TWWA and TWWB.

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