Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders


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Transcom WorldWide S.A., the global outsourced services company, today announced that the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held today voted to support all of the resolutions.

The AGM re-elected James Beers, Mia Brunell Livfors, Roel Louwhoff, Cristina Stenbeck and William Walker and elected Sandra Frimann-Clausen and Torun Litzén as Directors of the Board. The AGM further re-elected William Walker as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The AGM resolved in accordance with the proposal from the Board of Directors on the 2 May 2008 to distribute an ordinary dividend of €10 million and an extraordinary dividend of €5 million to Transcom’s shareholders, equivalent of a total dividend of €0.205 per share. In accordance with the Company’s articles of association the first 2% of the dividend will be paid to Class B shareholders. Holders of the Class A share will therefore receive a dividend of €0.201 per share and Class B shareholders will receive a dividend of €0.209 per share. The record date for the dividend is to be Monday 2 June 2008 and it is expected that the dividend will be distributed by VPC on 5 June 2008.

The AGM also resolved to:

• The AGM also approved the proposed Stock Repurchase Plan authorising the Board of Directors of Transcom, with the option to delegate, to acquire and dispose of the Transcom's Class A voting shares and Class B non-voting shares. The maximum aggregate number of share authorised to be purchased is up to 3,658,004 Class A shares and 3,657,715 Class B shares respectively but such numbers being capped to 10% of the issued and outstanding share capital as of the date of the AGM, as outlined in the AGM/EGM Convening Notice published on 9 May 2008

• Approve  the fees for the members of the Board of Directors of Transcom for the period until the end of the 2009 AGM be a total of EUR 364,500 in accordance with the proposal submitted in the AGM/EGM Convening Notice

• Approve the following procedure of preparation of the election of the Board of Directors and auditor. The work of preparing a proposal on the directors of the Board and auditor, in the case that an auditor should be elected, and their remuneration as well as the proposal of the Chairman of the 2009 AGM shall be performed by a consultation with the largest shareholder of Transcom at that time. The Nomination Committee will be formed during September 2008 in consultation with the largest shareholders of Transcom

• Re-elect Ernst & Young S.A. as auditors to the Company for the term ending at the 2009 AGM
The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) following the AGM resolved to transfer the registered office of Transcom, with effect as of the date of this EGM, from 177, rue de Luxembourg, L-8077 Bertrange, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to 45, rue des Scillas, L-2529 Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The EGM also voted in favour of several amendments to the articles of association of Transcom. For details of the amendments of the articles, please refer to the EGM part of the AGM/EGM Convening Notice published on 9 May 2008 available on our website.
At a statutory meeting of the Board of Directors following the AGM, the Board decided that the Audit Committee be comprised of James Beers, Sandra Frimann-Clausen, Torun Litzén and Roel Louwhoff. James Beers was elected Chairman of the Audit Committee. The Board also decided that the Remuneration Committee to be comprised of Mia Brunell Livfors, Cristina Stenbeck and William Walker. William Walker was elected Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.

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About Transcom
Transcom WorldWide S.A. is a rapidly expanding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution provider, with 72 sites delivering services from 29 countries – Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, the UK and the USA.

Transcom WorldWide is an international provider of outsourced services and solutions in the field of customer contact. Its principal areas of business are the provision of Customer relationship Management and Credit Management products and services utilising its contact centres around the globe. Transcom provides solutions for a wide range of companies, targeting its core vertical markets, which include communications, financial services, travel and leisure, media, utilities and retail. Transcom offers its clients a broad array of relationship management services, including customer care solutions, credit management services, customer acquisition, development and retention, market research, CRM consulting, legal services and interpretation work. Client programmes are tailor-made and range from single applications to complex programmes, which are offered on a country-specific or international basis in more than 33 languages from 72 centres in 29 countries.

Transcom WorldWide S.A. class A and B shares are listed on the Nordic Exchange Mid Cap list under the symbols ‘TWW SDB A’ and ‘TWW SDB B’.