SAP Publishes Transcom Success Case Study

Transcom News Feed Item: 31/01/2012

SAP Publishes Transcom Success Case Study

SAP, the leading enterprise software provider, has published a success case study detailing its collaboration with our company on a major project which has seen a unified financial control system implemented across 29 Transcom countries in less than one year.

This successful implementation has enabled us to streamline accounting and consolidation processes with a single, easy-to-access and understand source of information, giving us an enhanced picture of how our business is performing. Furthermore, the automation of manual tasks has increased the productivity of our accounting teams as they can now focus on more meaningful value-added activities. 

As described in the case study, Transcom’s Finance teams worked closely with SAP representatives to create a consistent, harmonized environment with a single structure for both functional and technical information. The project, which reached culmination in late 2011, was highly complex given the diversity of financial control systems previously in place across Transcom.

Eduardo Valdelomar, Transcom Project Leader and Corporate IT Finance Manager, said, “The involvement, participation and cooperation of the users have been key to the project’s completion in record time. We also saw the benefits of adapting to the working methods proposed by the SAP standard, which is based on the experience of a wide range of large companies.”

Transcom Chief Financial Officer Aissa Azzouzi added, “The successful implementation of the SAP financial control system has impressed our organisation up to the highest level. We can now rely on strong foundations that open many opportunities to drive the Finance function towards excellence.”

View the full SAP Case Study release.