Transcom Employees Edit Commemorative Fundraising Book on L’Aquila Earthquake

Transcom News Feed Item: 23/03/2012 

Transcom Employees Edit Commemorative Fundraising Book on L’Aquila Earthquake 

Distinguished guests and Transcom colleagues gathered in the Confindustria Conference Hall in L’Aquila, Italy, on 28th February to mark the official launch of a commemorative book edited by Transcom employees Antonella Foresta (CSR) and Giulia Cianini (CSR) about the earthquake which hit the city in April 6th 2009 and the difficult journey back to normality in the months that followed it. 

The book, entitled “The Lily of L’Aquila – Earthquake 2009: past memories and future hopes” brings together the reflections of employees at Transcom L’Aquila, including their memories of the moment the earthquake struck. The text is enriched by additional testimonies from family members, friends and colleagues. The book’s introduction features contributions from Gianni Letta (the former Secretary to the Italian President), Bruno Vespa (a famous national TV news presenter) and Giustino Parisse (a prominent journalist in L'Aquila). 

The book is dedicated to the memory of Transcom employee Simona D’Ercole, who died in the earthquake together with her parents, to the families of the 308 victims who lost their lives in the quake and to the children of L’Aquila, who represent hope for the future. 

Proceeds from sales of book will go to support a children’s project in L’Aquila, coordinated by the Italian Red Cross. The book was sponsored by Region of Abruzzo, Province and City of L’Aquila, Cities of Archi, Poggio Picenze and San Demetrio ne’ Vestini, Confindustria L’Aquila and Prefecture of Bari. 

Book editors Antonella Foresta (left) and Giulia Cianini (right) commented: Talking to colleagues, we recognized that there was a desire to record the memory of the tragic events of April 6th; there was a need to tell a story, to share with “others”: our children, our families, our friends, our colleagues. And, there was the will to contribute to the collective memory of the earthquake. From all of this came the idea of publishing a book. It took one year to complete and we want to thank Giuseppe Bertini and Roberto Boggio, who believed since the beginning in the project, our sponsors and all the people and institutions who contributed to its success. 

Roberto Boggio, Regional General Manager France & Italy (pictured left) commented:

When I was introduced to the idea of the project “the Lily of L’Aquila”, I immediately appreciated its value and what it represented to all those who directly or indirectly, like me, have lived through those hard times. After a long and difficult journey, the situation in Transcom L’Aquila has returned to normal by giving the serenity and tranquility so important to the employees in a place still deeply marked by that night.

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