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Transcom’s ordinary shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker symbol TWW. The ISIN code is SE0006168316. Each share entitles the holder to one vote at general meetings of shareholders and each holder may vote for the entire number of shares owned or represented by him without any limitation of the voting rights. The total number of shares and votes in Transcom amounts to 26,916,584.

Transcom has an issued capital of EUR 56,083,826.40 divided into a total of 26,322,212 ordinary shares with one voting right each and 594,372 class C shares, also with one voting right each. All class C shares are held as treasury shares by Transcom. The total number of treasury shares held by Transcom amounts to 702,966 (594,372 C shares and 108,594 ordinary shares).

In November 2014, Transcom executed a re-domiciliation of the parent company of the Group from Luxembourg to Sweden. Prior to the change of legal domicile, Transcom WorldWide S.A.’s (previous parent company of the Transcom Group) class A and B Share SDRs were listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the symbols “TWW SDB A” and “TWW SDB B”.