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About us

Transcom entered the Croatian market in the fall of 2005 and is the leading outsourced customer care service provider in the country.

Today, Transcom operates out of two locations in Croatia, OSIJEK and PULA, with a current total capacity of over 670 workstations and more than 1000 employees who provide services in Croatian, German, Italian and other European languages.

Because of its geographical location and historical and cultural background, Croatia is especially well-positioned to deliver services in various foreign languages, guaranteeing excellent quality and competitive operating conditions. For example, an important part of Transcom’s business in Osijek is focused on servicing the German speaking market, while Pula is an excellent location for providing services in Italian 

Being a pioneer in outsourced customer care services in Croatia, the Transcom team has gradually built its position in the domestic market, starting with smaller-sized projects and creating awareness with clients regarding the quality and diversity of its services and solutions that help generate a premium quality customer experience. 

The team’s efforts have resulted in a long list of success stories that have enabled Transcom to consolidate relations with existing clients and create new business opportunities. 

The portfolio of services ranges from customer care, back office and administrative support, technical support, win-back activities, market research, complaint handling, as well as telemarketing and telesales. 

The client portfolio includes companies from various industries: 


In this sector, Transcom Croatia provides the full scope of CRM services to major international companies operating in Croatia, Germany or Italy. Transcom has been providing services to some of these clients from the very start, developing together and contributing to the growth of their businesses over the years.

Financial services

In this sector Transcom manages various services for a fast-growing international online bank from Luxemburg, specialized in no-fee credit card services, with customers in Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland. Transcom provides a complete range of services, including email and phone communication, soft collections, outbound and telemarketing. 

Travel & Leisure

Transcom manages customer relations for a leading online travel agency’s Europe-wide operations.

Insurance services

Transcom manages customer service for one of the fastest growing insurance companies in Croatia, providing inbound and outbound services through phone and email.


Transcom also supports the businesses of various publishing groups, automobile companies and firms in other industries through inbound customer support, telemarketing, and direct telesales. It also manages clients’ loyalty programs and other services.