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About us

Transcom was established in Spain in 2000, and since then, its business volume has remarkably increased in all the industries, especially in financial services and within telecommunications industry.

Today, Transcom has five sites in Spain, more than 2.500 seats and a wide experience in three business lines: Customer Relations Managing, Legal Services and Collections. Transcom efficiently manages these services and is focused on customer experience, while maintaining the highest quality levels.

Furthermore, Transcom provides several Business Processes Outsourcing services to financial institutions in the Spanish market: Transcom Legal Services in Spain is a leader in banking legal advice. Transcom´s Legal Services count on more than 150 lawyers who provide solutions to legal proceedings and inquiries related to banking products and services, as for example:

  • Advisory Service and Contractual Documents Wording.
  • Testamentary Executions and Ownership Changes
  • Acknowledgment of powers
  • Administrative and Legal Injunctions
  • Legal information
  • Financial back office


Transcom’s portfolio of clients in Spain includes:

Financial Services

Since its foundation in Spain, Transcom performs customer services for main national and multinational banks, for which also conducts multilingual and multichannel telemarketing services, collection management, employee care and helpdesk among others. Currently, Transcom has more than ten clients from banking and insurance industry.


Over the last 10 years, Transcom performs contact center services to a leading French company in telecommunications sector. These include retention and loyalty services, customer services and collections.


In this sector, Transcom offers multichannel customer services and telesales service to one of the most important media groups in Spain.


Transcom also performs operations for clients in other important industries such as utilities and automotive also managing multichannel employee care services and back office among others.

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