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Transcom in Tunisia

Transcom has been operating in Tunisia since 2005. Transcom’s operations in Tunis - that are specialized in providing top class customer care, sales and technical support in French and Italian languages - have made a significant contribution to business development in a competitive telecommunications sector scenario and over time the company has added important local and international customers in the main market sectors it targets.


At the present time, Transcom operates in Tunisia out of two locations in the city of Tunis offering a total capacity of about 1,000 seats.

Transcom benefits from the city’s highly qualified labour pool, which includes a vibrant student population with interests in management, finance, technology and languages, as well as acting as a near shore destination for Transcom’s clients in major French-speaking markets and in Italian for the Italian market.

Transcom’s services are underpinned by the company’s conviction that managing the customer experience is a substantive and distinctive factor in creating a strong bond with customers.

Some Transcom customers in Tunisia:


In the telecommunications and entertainment sector, Transcom has provided support right from the outset for two important telephone companies.

Transcom Tunisia has also been contributing to the growth of one of the most important media and entertainment companies.

Travel & Leisure

Transcom manages the customer relations service for a leading on line travel agency’s Europe-wide operations.

On line companies

Transcom provides support for the dedicated customer service offered by one of the world’s leading e-commerce players.

Shipping & logistics

Transcom supports a global leader in transportation and logistic services with inbound and back office activities that include shipments bookings, packages tracking and claims management.


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