26 June 2023

Celebrating Pride in Transcom Philippines

Celebrating Pride in Transcom Philippines

We come as we are.

Pride Month may be slowly coming to an end, but at Transcom, we believe in celebrating and amplifying LGBTQ voices all year round. Take a look at some of the stories from our teams in the Philippines, and learn about how they're embracing empowerment, breaking barriers, and creating an inclusive future in their local communities.


Celebrating Pride: Transcom Worldwide Amplifies Voices in the Philippines

At Transcom Worldwide, we passionately celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity. Transcom Philippines proudly leads the way in global Pride celebrations. Through inspiring stories, we embrace self-discovery, teamwork, authenticity, and love. Join us to highlight incredible individuals breaking free and making a difference. Experience the power of diversity with our family and create a positive impact.

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Embracing Self-Discovery and Empowerment: 

TL Macoe Faustino of Transcom Pasig inspires with her incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She breaks free from gender-based underestimation, showing us that our potential knows no bounds. Her passion and dedication remind us to embrace growth and embrace our true potential.

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Breaking Gender Barriers and Creating Impact: 

At Transcom Iloilo, Sr. Operations Director Joey Javellana and her dedicated team break gender barriers, making a difference through volunteer work. They believe in the power of unity to create impactful change in their community. With unwavering commitment, they prove that possibilities are limitless.

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Embracing Authenticity and Celebrating Inclusivity: 

Lance Sotto, a fearless CSR at Transcom Pasig, embraces his true self through self-expression. His inspiring journey urges us to join a more inclusive society where authenticity is celebrated. Together, by embracing our unique identities, we can make a difference. His story encourages us to break societal barriers and foster acceptance and celebration.

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Embracing Diverse Relationships and Creating an Inclusive Future: 

Trainer Teddy Ayalin of Transcom Bacolod takes immense pride in her partner and passionately embraces diverse relationships. Join her in creating an inclusive future of love, acceptance, and positivity. Teddy's story teaches us to celebrate everyone for who they are, regardless of background or orientation. Together, let's shape a world that cherishes diversity.

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We proudly celebrate Pride, amplifying inspiring voices driving change. Macoe, Joey, Lance, and Teddy's stories reveal the power of self-discovery, teamwork, authenticity, and love. They inspire us to break free from underestimation and embrace diversity for an inclusive world where everyone is celebrated. Let's shape a brighter, more accepting future together. Join us in celebrating Pride!


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