01 March 2024

Meet brilliant India.

Meet brilliant India.

We're thrilled to announce the recent acquisition of VCosmos. This exciting development marks a significant expansion of Transcom's global footprint, particularly our presence in the dynamic Indian market.

VCosmos' sites in Gurugram and Jaipur bring unique strengths to Transcom's operations. Gurugram, a bustling technology and business hub near Delhi, offers a deep talent pool of highly-skilled professionals with expertise in cutting-edge technologies. Jaipur, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, provides access to a dedicated and adaptable workforce. Both locations offer cost-effective operating environments and excellent infrastructure to support our growth.

Why India?

India's emergence as an economic powerhouse makes it a strategic location for Transcom. The country boasts a large, English-speaking workforce. India's vast talent pool is fluent in English, facilitating seamless communication with global clients. But, the focus isn’t only on this language. The talent pool offers a breadth of available languages and the two sites can operate in a total of 14 different regional and global languages.

Transcom’s newest employees have a strong commitment to safety and security. By using state-of-the-art cybersecurity practices and adhering to international data protection regulations, our Indian locations offer secure environments to protect our people and clients' data. Not only that, but India's workforce is known for its dedication and a strong service-oriented mindset, aligning perfectly with Transcom's commitment to excellent customer experiences.

By combining talent, technology, and process optimization, our Indian operations will drive efficiency and innovation within our global network. This makes it the ideal location for future smartshoring services.

Transcom India reinforces our commitment to providing world-class customer experiences to our clients worldwide. We are deeply invested in fostering a positive, growth-oriented work environment for our Indian team members. Our mission is to empower our people to deliver exceptional service to the global brands we support.

We are confident that the integration of VCosmos will prove to be extremely successful.  Expanding into India is a major step forward for Transcom, solidifying our global leadership and our commitment to delivering the brilliant CX solutions our clients expect

Looking to the future

We're looking forward to working with our new colleagues and hope to expand the team even more in the future. Do you want to work with our new team in India or any other team around the world? Contact us and let's make magic happen.