02 February 2024

Transcom Chats with Ewa Dąbrowska. - AI series

Transcom Chats with Ewa Dąbrowska. - AI series


‘Transcom Chats’ is a series of interviews with Transcom staff on things and topics we’re passionate about. The aim is to bring forward, talk to, and highlight the people that make Transcom the brand you know and love. This time with a slight twist. We’re starting an AI series in which we will discuss anything and everything to do with AI and CX.

In this edition, we’re joined by our head of corporate marketing, Ewa Dąbrowska to talk about AI, how it affects marketing, and what it can do for the future of CX.


  • What specific benefits can AI solutions offer clients?

Predominantly our clients are looking for improvements around productivity and those can be really numerous. So we are starting with the tools that are assisting our agents and those tools allow them to shorten the average handling time of interactions. But we are talking here as well about conversational AI. So basically we are talking here about chatbots and voice bots that allow us to reduce the volume that has to be handled by live agents. So really the benefits can be numerous and depending on the situation of the company or particular case we can suggest and recommend very various solutions.

  • Are there any industries in particular that could benefit from AI solutions?

Maybe not really industries as such but I believe specific type of companies that have some kind of common challenges. So for example you have very fast growing companies that also join or launch in several markets at the same time. And obviously it is difficult and very costly if you would like to do this in a traditional way using or engaging just live agents because they will have maybe very little volume at the beginning plus little productivity so the marginal cost of handling those interactions will be very high.

  • Tell us more about Automated Translation.

I personally love Automated Translation. This is the tool that probably the industry and many companies have been waiting for many years now. And I remember as well all the evolutions of how Automated Translation or those live translations were developed. So initially of course with the machine translations the quality was not really sufficient and that actually discouraged many companies from engaging with this technology.

Now with this is not even evolution, this is revolution what has happened over the last couple of months. Not even years, but months. The quality has become super and especially for the most problematic languages or most challenging languages like German, Dutch or the Nordic languages the results are super. So again the cost of those interactions has dropped dramatically with obviously the benefit for the clients and their customers.

  • How can AI help BPOs and clients interested in onshoring, offshoring, and nearshoring?

I think that this opens totally new ways and doors to how the BPO industry will operate because, the language and the language complexity is not more an issue so you can have your operating center whenever you find it fit. For whatever reason you decide to have a center somewhere in Europe but maybe you're looking for substantial cost benefits and you go with nearshore to North Africa or to the Philippines and you can literally support any language from with this location. So you will see benefits not just in the cost as such but by having the entire operations for multi well teams or multi market in the same location you can have much more convenient management funds the team can be culturally aligned to each other so the benefits are totally numerous it's not just the cost of support.

  • As a parting question - what are you most excited about when it comes to AI?

I think that foremost, from the agent perspective, those that are handling those interactions every day, the way how they work will look totally differently. I remember still those days when everything had to be carried out manually. Now our agents are co-piloted by Gen AI and they get much better quality of the tools to work with. And I personally think that the work will be much more fun and much more engaging because all the dull work will be automated and carried out by or supported by the AI and they will really have to focus on the most meaningful interactions. The most important will be to deliver the right solution to those complex cases to the customers.

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