21 November 2023

Transcom partners with Google Cloud to build generative AI solutions for the customer service industry.

Transcom partners with Google Cloud to build generative AI solutions for the customer service industry.

Transcom, a global CX services provider, is partnering with Google Cloud to build AI solutions and improve customer experiences for some of the world’s best-loved brands. This collaboration began when AI took the world by storm, and we discovered the tools and endless possibilities to improve customer service operations in order to reduce costs and improve customer experiences for our clients around the world.

“Analysts and consultants unanimously point to CX as one of the industries with the most potential to benefit from AI. At Transcom, we agree and believe that AI could revolutionize our industry. And we believe that the CX profession has a unique opportunity to become the pioneer in the broader AI revolution, where Transcom wants to drive change, being on the front lines with our clients and partners”, says Jonas Dahlberg, President & CEO at Transcom

Transcom has been partnering with AI technology providers for many years now, successfully implementing various AI solutions into customer service operations to achieve impressive results. With the elevated market needs and the rise of interest among our clients, we realized we have a unique opportunity to start developing our own AI solutions customized for the customer service industry. With a vast knowledge of customer experience and service operations and a team of experienced developers, we are set on a path to revolutionize the industry by building generative AI solutions. 

On this path, we chose Google Cloud as our partner. Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities, including Vertex AI, provide us with all the necessary tools to build customized solutions to improve CX, agent experience, performance, and reduce costs of operations. An even more important aspect of this partnership is the ongoing support we get from Google Cloud’s teams.

“Generative AI brings transformative potential for the CX services industry, and we’re thrilled that Transcom is utilizing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to create innovative experiences for CX agents and operations managers,” said Warren Barkley, Senior Director of Product Management, Vertex AI at Google Cloud. “Vertex AI empowers partners like Transcom to access large language models to easily experiment and build generative AI applications, and we look forward to seeing how Transcom continues to innovate with this technology.”

Our Tech Hub team has been working closely with Google Cloud on testing their AI tools and exploring multiple ways they can be applied to provide the most benefits to CX operations. One of the first products to be finalized and put into production by the end of 2023 is our AI-powered Agent Development Accelerator - ADA. 

ADA is a product that uses artificial intelligence to mimic real-life customer interactions for customer service training purposes. By replacing traditional roleplay with ADA, our clients will be able to shorten training times, improve performance, and significantly enhance agent satisfaction. Our agents are reporting great experiences with ADA because it allows them to practice conversations in nearly true-to-life conditions while also getting feedback on how they performed and what they should improve on.

Alongside ADA, our Tech Hub is prototyping other solutions to improve various aspects of operations. Those will soon be available to our clients globally.

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