11 September 2020

Transcom Tayo Stories in the Time of Pandemic - Andrea

Andrea Alcantara, or “Andeng” to her friends and colleagues, is a Team Leader in our Ayala 30th site. She has been with Transcom for more than four years and has been very dear to everyone because of her way of extending help, as much as she can, to anyone in need of assistance. That is why, it was no surprise that when a call for volunteers to camp in our sites was announced last March as a business continuity response to the strict lockdown, Andeng did not hesitate to respond.

Andrea Alcantara

Prior to the declaration of the lockdown, Andeng was just like any other employee working very hard for her family. One proof is the fact that she even enrolled her brother and parents as her dependent to our ​HMO benefit package to ensure their health maintenance and security. She also gives importance to the people with whom she works with everyday. For her, a healthy working environment is very important to keep an employee in an organization. From an agent to a Team Leader, Andeng considers her career growth as something she owes from her mentors at work.

“I have my manager and director that served as my mentors that helped me achieve what I have learned today. Transcom also allows me to improve myself and helps me with my career growth.”

- Andeng, Team Leader

However, when things seemed to be going quite well, the COVID-19 pandemic came as a shock to everyone. From December 2019 to February 2020, she said she was aware that Transcom has always been following the developments of the pandemic threat. Thus, in March 2020, it was no surprise that Transcom was one of the organizations that immediately acted upon the situation with utmost care and “Malasakit” to its employees.

Andrea Alcantara

Continue reading Andeng’s answers to our Q&A below. You may also watch her T: Stories feature ​here​.


With the build-up of CoVID-19 scare, what steps did Transcom take to make its employees feel safe?

Transcom first announced the advanced crediting of our March 20 and April 3 salary to prepare for the ECQ. Next was the immediate call for campers where we were provided with lodging, food, shuttle, vitamins, hazard pay and hazard bonus. They also offered work at home (WAH) arrangement for employees that cannot work onsite, provided it is allowed by their respective campaign and that they have the necessary tools to do the work remotely. Even our leaders personally delivered laptops, desktops and wifi routers to our employees just so we could continue the business. Lastly, for our colleagues who could not work at all due to health and account restrictions, no PTO balances and were on bench, Transcom provided the “Kaagapay Fund”, an assistance funded by Transcom Cares.

What convinced you to camp-in and join the skeletal workforce?

At first, it was all about my family and how I can support them because we do not have any knowledge as to when this period will end. When they asked for volunteers, I immediately stepped up, but when I was in the camp already, I knew that it's also my responsibility and my purpose to provide support to my team, colleagues and everyone in the organization.

Do you feel safe working onsite during the ECQ period? How does Transcom maintain preventive measures on CoVID-19 at work?

Yes. We had a security team available 24/7 who made sure that physical distancing was being observed at all times. Our body temperature and health condition were also strictly monitored daily and they made sure that everyone wore their mask in all areas of the office. Also, our facilities team ensured that the facility was clean and sanitized all the time.

Andrea Alcantara

During the first few days of ECQ, what other things did Transcom implement to help its employees?

Aside from the early provision of our pay, which definitely helped me and my colleagues a lot, Transcom also made sure to keep everyone posted by providing updates through all our internal and external communication platforms.

Are you satisfied with how Transcom handled its employees during this period?

Yes, very satisfied. Transcom takes care of its employees and at the same time, most of the people I work with live with the Transcom value of “malasakit”. Transcom will make you feel at home even if you are working away from your family. I have my colleagues and friends that always support me, enhance my skills and I even learn new things from them that, in return, I can also share with others.

What’s your usual workday like during the camp-in period?

I had to be available at least 24/7 to those agents on camp who might be needing assistance. Right after shift, I had to make sure that they were successfully ferried back to their hotel and they got to claim their food on time.


When asked, “what do you miss most doing outside”, Andeng shared that she definitely missed their family gatherings and having catch-up sessions with close friends. On normal days, Andeng used to treat her family by dining-out on her rest days, watch movies or visit their hometown in the province. She also mentioned that once this pandemic is over, she will go to her grandma’s home downtown,enjoy a good day to watch any series, and just have a relaxing sitdown moment while having a snack with the whole family.

Andeng hopes and fervently prays for all this to end and that despite everything that happened, we will remain grateful and thankful. She encourages everyone to share and help as much as each one can since everyone is fighting his or her own battle.

Andrea Alcantara