23 March 2022

Transcom tools to accelerate your CX transformation

In my last couple of articles, I have explored how CX leaders need to think carefully about how their customer service approach is evolving. Building back to the standards and strategies common before the pandemic is not going to work for a modern business in the 2020s.

The changes seen during the 2021 Holiday season proved that consumer behavior has changed, consumer expectations have changed, and the ability of CX specialists to be more flexible has also changed. These are generally positive changes - service is getting better - however, it is important to acknowledge them and to build these new standards into a future-proofed strategy.

A return to 2019 doesn’t help you or your customers.

So where do we start? Transcom has some solutions that can be applied right out of the box. I don’t usually blog specifically about our services here, but I’d like to just mention a few now because I think that some can directly be applied to the strategic needs of CX leaders in this uncertain post-pandemic environment. if you need to rapidly enter the world of 2020s CX then consider some of these products and ideas:

1. Transcom perform: end-to-end performance management system. Imagine if you could connect your knowledge management system to your learning management system and this to your quality management. Then connect this data to your attendance management and task management systems and connect this to your reward management system. Not only does this holistic view on organizational management create more efficiency, but it also allows better communication and improvements - like the gamification of rewards.

2. Transcom university: this online campus allows our team to study at their own pace from any preferred device. They can study a wide array of subjects that are designed to both improve their skills at work as well as help them to build a stronger foundation for a long-term career. Courses range from introductions into the use of customer service to deep studies of leadership.

3. Virtual Reality (VR): Often thought of as a gaming platform, we have found exciting ways to use VR so it helps our team. We offer virtual training experiences that can eliminate the distance between a coach and the team being trained.

4. Gamification: with mostly millennial and Gen-Z employees on your team, you need improved ways to make work more exciting. Gamification is a powerful tool that can change behavior and improve the way people work. These team members have grown up not only playing, but mastering the skill of gaming - we can harness this approach to make work more fun and more successful.

There is a real evolution taking place in CX at present. It’s getting more complex. It’s getting more global. It’s also requiring more technology to support agents and to directly interact with customers on a multitude of channels.

A CX partner that can truly help you to transform will already have products in place to manage performance management and training. You shouldn’t need to worry about this - stay focused on figuring out what your customers need in this post-pandemic business environment. Transcom has the tools and experience to ensure that your CX can be transformational from day one.


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First published on LinkedIn by Katrin Langley, March 2022.