06 June 2024

Enhancing efficiency for a brilliant tech conglomerate.

Enhancing efficiency for a brilliant tech conglomerate.

The background.

Our client, a global tech leader known for their innovative consumer electronics, semiconductors, and telecommunications, is a driving force in shaping our digital world. With a long legacy of groundbreaking products, they continually push the boundaries of technology.

They sought our help to address challenges in managing the round-the-clock surge in customer troubleshooting requests. Their goals were clear: implement a solution that not only handles high volumes but also gathers data to enable smarter routing for their digital transformation journey. They also wanted to streamline their operations by deflecting routine, administrative inquiries to a chatbot, freeing up their agents to focus on providing high-value customer service.

The solution.

Transcom's CX advisory team played a key role in enhancing the customer experience. We started by carefully analyzing the current agent workflows and technology systems. Based on these insights, we implemented a service design that seamlessly integrated a multilingual AI chatbot, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions.

Our team also took charge of developing comprehensive knowledge content to empower both the chatbot and the new agent workflows. We orchestrated a series of User Acceptance Tests (UATs) to ensure a smooth transition, and our project management expertise guided the successful implementation of the entire solution. This collaborative effort not only optimized the customer journey but also positioned the organization for continued success in delivering exceptional service.

The results.

Our AI-powered, multilingual chatbot solution has been a game-changer for enhancing efficiency within this brilliant tech conglomerate. The chatbot now successfully identifies, automates, and handles an impressive 800 distinct customer intents.

We've expanded the chatbot's reach by scaling and deploying it to four new markets, integrating it seamlessly across 14 different appliances. The impact is undeniable, with over half of all customer contacts resolved directly within the chatbot solution, contributing to significant cost savings.

Thanks to reduced sourcing and staffing requirements, we've achieved an estimated €356,000 in savings. This remarkable financial outcome underscores the chatbot's pivotal role in driving efficiency and optimizing resource allocation

Enhancing efficiency for a brilliant tech conglomerate. - results

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