20 February 2023

How Transcom automated over a million tasks in one year for a telco client.

The background.

We’ve been partnering with this client for many years, and found that there were some ways we could help them improve various processes and lower TCO. We did a thorough evaluation of the client’s front and back office processes, after which we discovered three areas with room for improvement.

Challenge #1.

Despite having a separate debt collection line, a significant percentage of inbound calls to our client’s customer service line was about debt. This was causing issues for both the customers and the customer care team. Customers had to be redirected to another department, which usually took a few minutes, so it impacted customer satisfaction. On the other side, the support team was spending a lot of time transferring calls instead of tending to customers that were inquiring about other topics. This affected waiting times and productivity.

Our solution.

Transcom implemented an IVR solution to deflect inbound calls about debt collection. For every inbound call, the customers first need to confirm the phone number, and therefore account, that they’re calling about, as well as their reason for reaching out. The bot then searches for debt information in the CRM, and the customers are automatically redirected - to the debt collection line if they have a debt, or to a voice message if they don’t.

Challenge #2.

The client’s back-office processes, such as invoice management, were not efficient, since agents were spending a lot of hours allocating funds to invoices, splitting paid amounts between them, etc. This was an unnecessary spend that needed to be eliminated.

Our solution.

We proposed and implemented automation of various back-office processes, including invoice management. This helped to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks significantly.

Challenge #3.

The customer support agents were working on multiple platforms integrated with the client’s CRM, so after each task, they’d need to spend a lot of time filling in data points. This affected productive time spent on serving customers.

Our solution.

We suggested and implemented a call typification bot. This bot shows agents the CRM data during calls, so they don’t need to manually search for it. After each call, the bot fills in various information about the reason for contact, customer details, etc., all while the agent is ready to serve another customer.

The results.

By implementing the IVR and RPA solutions, we were able to deflect 36% of inbound calls to the customer service department. With less time spent on manual call transfers and a more streamlined process, we helped the team be more efficient, lowered waiting times, and increased CSAT. 

By automating 14 different processes within these three categories, Transcom helped the client save 13,524 hours in the previous year, which equals the work of 7 agents. The number of automated tasks per year is over a million, with an average of 53 seconds saved per task and a success rate of 87.26%.

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