28 June 2021

Increasing social media engagement by 5x for a brilliant online streaming company

A brilliant online streaming service company was facing a rather low CSAT on social media without having a social media strategy in place, so they asked Transcom to help.

The challenge

The client was facing media escalations to executives due to uncontrollable social media storms, especially driven by live sports streamings. They were also unable to track activities and engagement, conduct real-time monitoring and they had a very limited view of the threads where the discussions were happening.


Transcom’s solution

After carefully reviewing the situation on all platforms, we did the following:

  1. Reviewed four social media engagement vendors, chose the most advanced one, dedicated a social media team, created daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  2. With the social media tool in place, we helped PR, marketing, and CRM teams to better understand the social brand reputation and the impact of their communication and messaging
  3. We were able to train agents and improve their social engagement skills with tangible insights


The outcome

Positive customer engagement on social media went up by 5x, and the client won several social media awards. They also reported a much higher CSAT, and we saw an increase in agent satisfaction since they were better equipped to provide customer support.