29 June 2021

Reducing the learning curve by 60% with gamification for a brilliant energy provider

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A brilliant energy provider wanted to reduce the amount of time an agent needs to be fully productive after the training phase, so Transcom developed a gamification project to reduce the learning curve for new hires.

The challenge

Customer service in the energy business is characterized by many complex processes, systems, and specific customer knowledge. Because of this, the learning curve for newly trained agents can be several months long, which imposes higher costs and reduces the speed of ramping for peaks.


Transcom’s solution

Since gamification proved to be very effective in these circumstances, we created games that agents could play on their work computers or their mobile devices. The games allow agents to test their knowledge of critical customer and process issues, with a possibility to compete against their colleagues for prizes as additional incentives.


The outcome

As a result of this initiative, we reduced the learning curve by 60%. After only 4 weeks, agents that participated in the gamification project performed on all KPIs at the level of those with 10 weeks of experience.

We were also able to reduce the AHT for new hires by 63%. 

The games were very well received. With a possible 600 questions, the average agent answered over 1,900 questions in a period of six weeks.

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