28 June 2021

Turning a cost center into a profit center for a brilliant telco

A brilliant telco operating cable, fixed line, and mobile network approached us with an objective to turn their contact center network from a cost to a profit center since they were working under cost pressure. As customers called to solve technical and commercial issues, the aim was to upsell products to increase the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

The challenge

The biggest challenge was to get the contact center staff and management to embrace a new culture, since offering new services to clients posed a significant mindset challenge.


Transcom’s solution

We implemented a five-step plan to transform the culture and maximize results:


Step 1: Retraining all front line staff and management

Step 2: Replacing a significant part of the staff

Step 3: Reworking coaching and monitoring concepts

Step 4: Providing visibility on real-time conversion rate, sales, and AHT

Step 5: Re-designing the compensation model 


The outcome

Each month, Transcom is generating over €900K in additional revenue for the client, converting nearly 5% of all service calls into a sale.

For five years running, Transcom has been the benchmark leader among 3 external vendors and several in-house sites.

We have achieved all of this while maintaining NPS and interval performance above target.



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