31 March 2023

We achieved 85% retention and increased CSAT for a fast-growing online fashion retailer by providing excellent social media support.


The client is a fast-growing online fashion retailer that offers subscription services to customers all over Europe and the United States. Back in 2016, they didn’t use social media for customer service. As an innovative online business, they realized they needed to be present wherever their customers are, and social media channels are most often a preferred channel for consumers who shop online. 


The client’s social media channels were owned and managed by the marketing team, and their customers would only receive automated responses with information about contacting customer support via phone and chat when trying to communicate with the brand through the inbox or comments on posts. This meant that we first needed to start engaging with their community on social media and let them know that we were present and that they could reach out. 


Social media customer support stats

2016 - 2018 

We started moderating content and engaging with customers to increase visibility on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With two agents per market, our primary tasks were to remove inappropriate content and to monitor and report sentiment for public comments. By monitoring sentiment, the client was able to develop communication and retention strategies. At the time, they were using Lithium for social media listening.


We started providing customer support through social media channels. As a result, two-way communication with customers grew nearly three times. Since the client didn’t have set KPIs, we established SLAs for first response time, average handling time, and retention rate, and began delivering the voice of customer reporting and making knowledge base and process improvements based on our expertise.


Since sentiment reporting and KPI tracking were imperative to keep improving and providing excellent customer experience, we recommended and implemented a migration to Sprinklr due to reporting limitations in Lithium. This new tool offered better sentiment detail and KPI tracking to enable excellent support, and enabled daily access to VoC reports.

Techstyle sentiment results


Social Media is the fastest-growing support channel for the client. Nearly 50% of all customer interactions happen on social media - Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Our team now has 24 agents who provide support in 7 languages for the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, and Spain along with reporting and training


Our customer retention rate on social media is the highest of all channels - RR for other channels is 75% versus 85% for social media. This is because we’re able to change negative reactions to positive ones, which has been a big focus for our team. We have reduced AHT by 43% YoY and sustained high customer satisfaction as support volume has increased 20%+ YoY.

Techstyle case study results


Techstyle AHT results


“I admire Transcom's commitment to its people. Promoting from within and committing to developing and delivering training resources ensures we have a workforce supporting us that understands our business and believes in the journey we are taking together. From my experience through the last couple of years, I have been impressed by how flexible, on-point, engaged and professional Transcom and its personnel are.”

Client's VP, EU Operations  


“The biggest challenge in social media customer support projects is to find, recruit and retain the right talent. These agents need to know social media channels and how to work with them. Their written communication needs to be impeccable, and the training process needs to be more detailed, and it lasts longer. The key to our success is that we’ve managed to gather a group of impressive individuals who developed strong relationships with the client's brand and are able to provide the highest possible quality of service. Our employee retention rates are the highest in the industry, which is imperative in projects like this one.”

Veljko Petrovic, Client Service Manager at Transcom



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