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Transcom has been supporting online retail and e-commerce clients for decades. We're relentless innovators with a passion for CX, always striving to give our clients the partner they deserve. Retail and e-commerce is part of our DNA with 40% of our clients being some of retail's biggest, most ambitious and technologically most forward thinking brands. To be behind the brilliance of such brands we've had to develop an innovative and agile approach to CX.

100+ retail and e-commerce clients
100+ retail and e-commerce clients
30,000+ employees
30,000+ employees
30+ languages
30+ languages
25+ countries
25+ countries
85+ locations
85+ locations

We understand you.

Transcom is a trusted partner to over 100 retail and e-commerce brands who rely on us because we know the intricacies of the industry and can handle them securely.

Great CX in any season.

We know how big of an issue seasonality can be in the retail industry. The fluctuations that can lead to seemingly insurmountable peaks. Fortunately for our clients we're peak management experts with decades of experience.Seeing as we also bring in innovation, we also have Automated Translation. Our AI-powered, real-time translation solution. It's like a superpower for agents giving them the ability to speak any language in an instant. This allows you to scale your operation up or down, quickly and efficiently, depending on what you need.More about Automated Translation -

Always the perfect fit.

Flexibility and scalability are common problems in the industry. Rigid, outdated systems don't really allow for change. In the best case scenario, that change is slow and inefficient. Through our tailor-made approach, each client is given personalized care and we tackle those issues with ease.We help our clients usher in a new, digital era with our digital operations. We can implement AI consultancy to find out how they can improve, and Omnichannel Automation so that they can meet their customers on their preferred channel while maintaining and improving their CX quality.Some of our digital solutions -

Trust and safety.

We know how important the trust of your customers is, and how much you care about the security of their private information. This is an area of business where there is no room for compromise or concessions.Transcom takes this very seriously, and we're already helping our clients maintain security standards across the globe. A prime example of this being our work with an online marketplace unicorn client where we safeguard their customers in 7 languages in 6 different locations.More of our CX services -

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Take a look at our AI advisory services.

That's not all. If you order now...

Those were just some of our services. Are you looking to take care of your customers, their requests or complaints? Or maybe you're looking to pamper yourself with state of the art tech and expertise? Whatever the case, we've got you covered because we also offer:

Online Retail Client Customer Care

Customer care

  • Complaint handling
  • Subscription management
  • Customer retention
  • Review management
  • Community moderation
  • Digital channels 
  • Chatbots and voice bots

Client care

  • Transformation solutions
  • Generative AI
  • Translation models
  • Automated returns
  • Near and Off-shoring
  • Multilingual hubs
  • Omnichannel automation
  • Automated Translation
  • CX Advisory

Expertise put into practice.

We always make a point to back up our theory with actions. Take a look at our case studies showcasing just some of the clients we've helped by putting our expertise to work.

Digital transformation of CX in retail.

Digital transformation of CX in retail.


TCO in the
first year




per hour


AHT within 8

Digital transformation of CX in retail.
Take a look at how one of our online retail clients underwent digital transformation in order to revolutionize their operation. By creating an operation that takes into account the intricacies of online retail and e-commerce we managed to produce results which our client can be proud of.Read case study -

Increasing CSAT for e-commerce.

Increasing CSAT for e-commerce.






support volume



Increasing CSAT for e-commerce.
One of our clients is an online fashion retailer. They wanted to expand and vastly improve their customer service. We started an expansive process of revamping their social media customer service and accomplished some amazing things.Read case study -

Reducing TCO and increasing performance in retail.

Reducing TCO and increasing performance in retail.




call deflection


bot call deflection



Reducing TCO and increasing performance in retail.
By enabling digital CX for a big European retail client we managed to meet and exceed their expectations. The goals were to reduce TCO, improve CSAT and shift focus towards being data-driven and customer-oriented.Read case study -
Leading digital CX operations.

Leading digital CX operations.

ISG Provider Lens™ 2022 Contact center - customer experience services report named us a global leader in digital CX operations. We are recognized in this space because of our advanced digital capabilities, over +3000 digital deployments globally, and an aggressive geographic strategy.Read more -

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Some of the
brilliant brands
we're behind.

Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

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