AI Enabled Smart Omnichannel Platform.

Anything you can think of - and more.

Let your imagination run wild.

Flexible. Smart. Scalable. Customizable. AI enabled. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we don’t know what will. Meet AESOP - our highly customizable cloud-based omnichannel platform created to fit any need you might have.

Using the omnichannel approach, you can make sure that your customers can get through to you however they want. Any channel. Any time. You, on the other hand, retain the simplicity and efficiency of platforms of a narrower scope. Not only that, but it’s smart and highly customizable. This way, you know you’ll always have the right tool for the job.

The moral of the tale is - with AESOP your operation can be a real Cinderella story.

ADA woman

A lot of birds. One stone.

ADA woman

Reading customers like an open book.

No more choosing between modes of communication and weighing your options or choosing simplicity and efficiency. You can have all the channels your customers use and still be as efficient as ever if not considerably more.

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A library
of your own.

Effective is good, but customizable is better. No product can be perfectly versatile on its own - that’s why, owing to an extensive API repository, AESOP is fully customizable. This way it can grow with your needs and not be outgrown.

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the future.

Oddly enough, the thing that agents waste time on the most is dialing and waiting for someone to pick up, only to be greeted by an answering machine. With AESOP’s predictive capabilities, they can spend less time dialing and more time talking.

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Every trick
in the book.

AESOP makes everything easier and more convenient. Don’t want to wait for IT to make changes to the platform? Change them yourself in an easy and intuitive way. Don’t want to manually upload leads? Not with AESOP. 

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your spot.

Not only can you integrate almost anything into AESOP, but you can integrate AESOP into almost anything. You can merge it with your CRM or other client systems to ensure a smooth operation, start to finish.

Get in touch and let's create a brilliant story with AESOP.

Seeing is believing.

It’s one thing for us to tell you about what AESOP brings, it’s another thing entirely for us to show you. Here are some of the success stories companies have had using AESOP.


Real success in
real estate.


Increase in CSAT from
shorter handling times.


Cost saving as
the result of digitalization.


Calls deflected thanks
to IVR and smart routing.

are in order.


Increase in sales by avoiding
answering machines.


Reduction in TCO
due to cloud hosting.


Improvement in reachability
due to automation.


A success tale in retail.


Revenue increase
due to automation.


Efficiency increase by
freeing up agents.


CSAT from enhanced
support system.

AESOP - Your solution for
a success story.

Some of the
brilliant brands
we're behind.

Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

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