CX Advisory and Applied Insights.

Championing transformation for even greater competitive advantage. That’s what our CX Advisory is all about.

Exceptional experiences, exceptional value.

We recognize the value that the very best experiences bring. That’s why, with CX Advisory, our focus is always geared towards how to help improve and deliver meaningful experiences for your customers and your employees. And we rely on data to derive actionable insights and to apply the learnings.

Our mission.

To provide our partners with insight and advice that helps them become successful in their pursuit of CX enhancement, innovation, and digital transformation.

Why CX Advisory?


We are born out of operations.


We navigate technology.


We drive better results.

Who we are.


Experienced professionals dedicated to enhancing business performance through comprehensive assessments, identifying actionable strategies for both process and technology.

Applied Insights.

A team of data-driven experts tasked to harness the power of analytics and uncover patterns to identify emerging trends and generate hypotheses for business improvement solutions.

Tailored solutions based on your needs.

Process excellence.

Achieve operational excellence with our tailored process improvement solutions. We’ll analyze, redesign, and implement changes that deliver efficiency, quality, and a clear competitive advantage.

Experience mapping.

Improve both customer and agent experiences by understanding how their individual journeys can best be aligned, and thereby, generate positive impact on performance and brand loyalty. 

Design thinking.

We’ll seek to understand your digital strategy and maturity, and look for opportunities to improve. From service improvement roadmaps to the development of new products or services, our team of advisors will help you reimagine and redesign the best path to exponential impact.

Data and tech solutions.

Not sure where to go next when it comes to tech? Our strategic approach begins with in-depth analysis of your business, tech, and data infrastructure to ensure that you choose only the technologies that will skyrocket your business growth. 

Artificial intelligence.

Leverage the latest and greatest in generative AI, machine learning, and process automation. With our industry expertise and insight, we can help you select the most appropriate solutions that meet your business needs.

Talk to our experts.

Cheryll Tantoy Aganda

Chief of Advisory Services and Applied Insights
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Vince Oliveros

Global Head of CX Advisory
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Enhancing efficiency for a brilliant tech



error rate

Reduced error rate, well below the organization's 7% threshold.


monthly savings

Monthly cost savings achieved as a result of error reduction.


Our partner is a global technology conglomerate renowned for its innovation and market leadership in consumer electronics, semiconductors, and telecommunications. They needed support in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of their service booking process. We aimed to streamline the service booking workflow, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Leveraging AI and translation for a
brilliant tech brand.


4 & 14

Scaled and deployed chatbot solution to 4 additional markets, across 14 appliances.


In Containment Rate performance (issues resolved by the chatbot).


In approximate savings that resulted from reduced sourcing and staffing costs.


Our client is a global tech leader, and major player in shaping the future of connected living and digital experiences. They wanted to overcome challenges in managing 24/7 volume surges related to consumer troubleshooting needs. Our aim was to identify and deploy a solution that would address both volume handling and data collection.

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Some of the
brilliant brands
we're behind.

Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

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