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Imagine walking into a candy store, but for digital innovation and smart solutions. Our clients are among the best-loved, most ambitious brands on earth - and they've got a sweet tooth for tech. We do our part to make sure their customers are happy, their growth is strong, and costs are down.

Our people speak many languages. 33 to be exact. But even when they come across a language they don't know, it doesn't stop them getting the job done. The translation automation software, powered by AI and natively integrated into your omnichannel services, is there to help when the day gets busy and the hours get long.

Voice? Mail? Chat? Social? All of the above. For us, it makes no difference. We helped take one of the most recognized companies in Northern Europe from 3 channels to 12, all the while improving CX and productivity. So whatever your customers choose, they'll get the same brilliant experience, every time.

Speech & text analytics.

We rely on analytics to understand the cause and effect behind every word, tone, and character. That's how we make all your people more proficient, and figure out how you can improve your customers' experience with your brand. After launching a predictive analytics voice solution for one of the largest banks in Spain, their sales increased by 41%!


It's no wonder that we learn best when playing games. We're more motivated, more likely to participate, and we remember more. By using gamification in training programs for agents, we helped a leading online payments client increase customer NPS by 6% in just a few months. The power of gamification won't just help your team. Your customers will appreciate the better knowledge and faster service.

Employee engagement & performance.

Growth is only possible when you're feeling supported. People need care, feedback, coaching, and recognition for a job well done. Using applications such as T:Perform increases customer and agent satisfaction, as well as the overall KPI results. We provide the whole package, whether you're at the office or working from home.


Our people put in their effort where it counts. That’s why our robot helpers take care of the simpler tasks - quick fixes, employee assistance, personalized experiences, traffic routing, you name it. Not only that, but text-based channels are on average 20% more efficient than voice. It lets us focus on the bigger issues, and you on the bigger picture.

Integrated platforms.

When others are stuck on funny abbreviations, we say connect anything with anything. We’re easy. It’s what helped us transform a simple customer service operation into a comprehensive e-commerce operation center. Result? +30% productivity and +30% CSAT. So you see - your tech stack will fit perfectly into our platform, and our people are ready from word go.


Letting your talent do only what they're best at. How? Easy. Automation. It can reduce AHT by over 50%, which enables agents to focus more on interactions with people, and not managing systems. Saves you time and money, and makes your customer experience better.

leading digital CX

Leading digital CX operations.

ISG Provider Lens™ 2022 Contact center - customer experience services report named us a global leader in digital CX operations. We are recognized in this space because of our advanced digital capabilities, over +3.000 digital deployments globally, and an aggressive geographic strategy.

Delivering star performance.

Everest Group named us a Star performer - a strategic CX partner for clients, especially for digital-native enterprises. In October 2021, IDC named us a "major player" in digital customer care. This adds to similar praise from analyst firms such as HFS.

If they say it can't be done, talk to us instead.

A brilliant bank: "Transcom increased our sales by 20% with speech analytics"

+20% sales

after implementing a speech analytics solution

-10% AHT

after only a few months

Generating additional revenue

while also reducing cost
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