Trust and Safety Outsourcing.

Creating secure online environments where your users can feel safe and engaged. 

We help you build safe communities based on trust.

Creating secure communities has never been more important. By combining new tech with expert knowledge, we create safer experiences for customers that let them get back to enjoying your content quicker.

We anticipate spikes in volume, detect opportunities for growth, and set clear targets to keep everything on track. All so that your operations can run as effectively as possible, within local regulatory frameworks, and utilizing the latest and greatest in AI and tech.



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What we can offer you.

With the significant shift towards online spaces, platforms and providers need to be aware of the greatest challenges - and opportunities - facing effective operations in this industry.

Creating a safe online environment

  • Content review and compliance
  • UGC moderation: objectionable content
  • Copyright and IT compliance
  • AI-generated content identification

Boosting ad revenue

  • Ad moderation
  • IP compliance
  • Ad monitoring
  • Ad localisation
  • Ad relevance

Training state of the art, custom LLMs

  • Data collection and curation
  • Algorithm bias detection
  • Data labeling
  • Data annotation
  • Tagging

Understanding your needs.

Scalability and speed.

With growing social platforms and an all-time high of user-generated content, businesses need to be ready to deploy solutions at speed and manage large volumes efficiently and correctly.

Cultural understanding.

Diverse cultural sensitivities can create complexity in setting universal guidelines. Navigating these nuances is the key to ensuring a consistent experience across different markets.

Moderator wellbeing.

Exposure to potentially harmful or negative user-generated content is a big stressor for moderators, and can lead to burnout, lower performance, and decreases in quality of assessments.

Cost efficiencies.

Implementing AI and automation, outsourcing to cost-effective locations, promoting community moderation, and optimizing workforce management are key strategies to reduce the workload of human moderators and lower cost.

Regulatory framework compliance.

Ensuring compliance with local laws, data regulations, and privacy frameworks is the foundation to providing a safe and engaging environment for users. Building their trust is crucial to guaranteeing loyalty.

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VP Business Development
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Total support, end to end.

  • Hiring the best fit - we assess the psychological fitness of potential employees to perform content moderation tasks.
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  • Capability building - we provide resiliency training, psycho-education sessions, People Leader Training on Mental Health First Aid, and briefings on sensitive content during training.
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  • Proactive support - we do daily check-ins, monthly group counselling, and provide access to daily wellness journals and support through various channels.
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  • Self-care management - moderators have access to 24/7 chat support, mental health professionals, nutrition and fitness experts, wellness apps, and even financial advisors.
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  • Post-employment care - even 6 months after leaving the company, moderators can access professional mental health resources such as coaches and therapists.

You're safe to entrust content moderation to Transcom.

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