23 June 2022

Reducing total cost of outcome

Business processes outsourcing used to be all about cost-saving. It’s still one of the main reasons for companies to outsource customer service operations, but now, there are added benefits. Together with the evolution of the customer experience and its crucial role in most industries, especially retail and e-commerce, BPO providers have had to adapt and become strategic partners. Nowadays, BPOs still help organizations significantly lower customer service costs, but simultaneously improve their customer experience and loyalty and generate additional revenue.

That’s why it’s necessary to start looking at cost reduction from a different angle. Brands have to take into consideration every single point of impact to find the optimal strategic approach, achieving maximum results. This strategic approach can be expressed through the total cost of outcome.

Read our whitepaper to learn how you can combine different cost-saving tactics and develop a winning TCO model that will not only significantly reduce your customer service cost but also generate additional revenue.


You'll learn how we:

  • reduced TCO for an online retailer by -18% within a year
  • reduced TCO for a media & entertainment company by -42% within three years
  • reduced TCO for a white goods manufacturer by -30%
  • use digital solutions to reduce TCO by up to 35%


Download and enjoy the reading.