Creating lasting change.

We’re a global business. And with that comes big responsibilities. So while we’re busy looking after our clients and their customers day in, day out, we take care to do it in a way that benefits everyone.

A sustainability framework aligned with our core business.

At Transcom, we are passionate about creating a positive, lasting change for the planet, its people, and the communities where we operate. Our strategy is informed by our analysis of megatrends and their impact on Transcom, risks, materiality assessment, ongoing engagement with stakeholders, global sustainability frameworks such as the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles, United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and alignment with our core business.

People Development.

Our people are everything. So we do everything we can to actively empower and support our talent in their current roles – and their future careers.

Inclusion & diversity.

Equal opportunities and diversity at all levels of our business isn’t a box to tick. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Community engagement.

You’ll find Transcom all over the world. And wherever you do, you’ll find us unlocking the power of local communities, by actively contributing to equality, opportunities and sustainability.

Environment & climate.

The positive impact we have on your clients’ business shouldn’t be at the expense of anything else. We’re busy reducing and mitigating our negative environmental impact through how we think, act and procure.

Business ethics.

Knowing our actions, interactions, activities and decisions are rooted in responsibility and what’s right means we can stand proudly behind the brilliance of every client we work with.

Security & privacy.

It’s not just clients who trust us with their customers. Our employees, and the customers themselves, rely on us to handle their data and safeguard integrity and privacy with the utmost respect.

Download and read the 2023 Transcom Sustainability Report.