Healthcare, anywhere.

Full access to healthcare services, all from the comfort of your home or phone. Taking care of what matters most is just a tap or phone call away.

Faster, better, care.

The pandemic didn’t change patient behavior, but it speeded things up. Your consumer patients expect smart services in telehealth, telemedicine, virtual services, apps, whenever, wherever. But at the same time, total privacy and adherence to regulations and laws is a must-have.

Our solution.

Patient experience is here to stay. After all, what can be more sensitive, and important than one's health? We understand the need to treat your patients as consumers, making sure that they get the urgent help they need, with security and privacy intact. So that you can keep bringing more innovation to them.


We’re a curious bunch. Why do customers contact us? What’s behind their behavior? Why do they behave in a certain way? What trends do we see with products in different markets? The answers help us plan, develop, and improve.

Omnichannel care

Voice? Mail? Chat? Social? You name it! The care we provide is always focused on improving CX. And we do it with extra thought, security and innovation. Expertise is implied.


There's no regulation or policy we don't know by heart. How come? Identifying and preventing fraud comes as second nature to us, just like providing unparalleled CX to your customers. It's what helps them choose your brand over any other.

Meet our services.

contact center woman with headset

CX services

We are digital architects. So naturally, everything we do is enhanced by leading tech and innovation.

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Digital solutions

Transcom clients have some of the most demanding digital agendas on earth. They know good when they see it.

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Transformation solutions

We’ll bring our experts and our agile ways of working, you bring your ambitions.

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Let's start something brilliant.