Needless to say, we’re talking about transformation. We’ll bring our experts and our agile ways of working, you bring your ambitions. Together we’ll make the magic happen, regardless if it involves small tweaks or a full makeover.

T:Labs, our innovation hub.

Innovation is more about new ways than new things. Daring to be curious. Experimenting together and learning from each other. That’s why we have T:Labs, where we coinnovate and discover brilliance with our clients. It's where we together discover things like how you can offer a low cost subscription with a smart and automated customer service that your end users would love.

CX Advisory.

CX can always be better. That's why we analyze and compare, drilling as deep as we have to. Once we know what your customers need, we design experiences they love. And use smart technology to make them impeccable. We are true nerds when it comes to knowing the latest and greatest in digital CX. Trust us to find a solution that fits your stack rather than shoehorning in a less perfect solution.

Making data actionable.

Sometimes you get your data from first call resolution, sometimes you get it from speech analytics. Like when we used information from a European brand's customer interactions to improve their client relations and increase sales by 20%. That's why we love data, because data means insights. Insights mean we can improve. And improvements lead to a better experience for you, your customers, and our people.

If they say it can't be done, talk to us instead.

A brilliant tech startup: “Transcom transformed our customer service to meet our hyper growth”

61% of total volumes

is routed to a Transcom bot to process backend transactions with RPA

Offshore operations in Davao

grew the client's headcount and expanded their social media platforms support
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Services & Utilities

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Telco, Cable & Broadband Operators

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