30 November 2021

Transcom meets hyper growth of a brilliant tech startup

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This tech startup is growing tremendously and expanding their market reach globally. Their innovative product has sparked an incredible interest and their sales skyrocketed in a very short period of time, making them one of Time Magazines “Best Inventions of 2020”. 


The challenge


As a startup company with limited experience in setting up customer service, the client has chosen to establish the operations in-house. With limited resources and prior knowledge on delivering customer service, the company struggled to keep up with the changing demands of their growing customer base. They were also unable to scale their scope of support and accelerate CX transformation alongside with their sales growth. 


The client has an ambitious growth roadmap in the next five years, and in order to deliver that, they have launched a new strategy to change their existing business model for their end consumers.  They’ve realized that customer service transformation plays a big part  in bringing them closer to achieving this goal.       


 Transcom stepped in to overhaul and redesign their customer service, transforming their CX.. 


Our solution


Transcom's Digital CX Advisory started collaborating 2 months prior to the plan of ramping up the new global operation center. The objective was to review their existing operational setup, improve ways of working and propose process improvement initiatives prior to the ramp-up. 

Transcom delivered this through:  


  1. Forming a team of 5 CX Advisory consultants that applied design thinking to transform the client’s CX operations. 
  2. Setting up offshore operations in Davao, Philippines within a period of 3 months and ensuring operational readiness that would maximize cost efficiency  
  3. Working closely with the client’s team to advise and formulate operational and CX strategies  




Transcom's Digital CX Advisory became the in-house trusted advisor to the VP of Customer Service. This led to building their ‘new’ and ‘improved’ operational handbook, tailored for their in-house global operation center in Davao, and delivering CX to their customers in a standardized way. The success of this partnership also led to the expansion of the Digital CX Advisory’s scope.  The client highly recommended the Transcom CX team to be involved in multiple projects within different departments in their organization, including CSAT improvement; NPS text analytics program for marketing; sales consultant service; and an RPA program that helped the client ramp up with 20 FTEs during a peak period.




  • Offshore operations in Davao, Philippines grew their headcount and also expanded in supporting their social media platforms.
  • RPA (automation) program has significantly reduced agent manual work - where 61% of total volume has been routed to Transcom bot to process backend transactions.
  • Expansion of CX Advisory support scope and trusted partner to strategize and deliver omnichannel solutions.


“I am extremely happy with Transcom’s CX Advisory team, they are very innovative and always look into problems out of the box. The automation initiative they delivered has been a huge success and well recognized within our organization.” - Christina, Team Manager.   


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