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Chart course for amazing CX?
AI, captain.

You know us. You know what we can do, and what we’ve been doing for brilliant brands around the world. We offer a people-first approach focused on bringing out the best out of individuals and enabling them to perform at the highest level. A tight-knit, beautifully run ship now made even better - with AI.

Want to put your business into hyperdrive?

Transcom offers a wide range of solutions to fit your every need. Do you need automation? We got it. Something to enable your agents to do their best? Yup. Want to have a deeper and better insight into your operation? You betcha. The main idea is to take already amazing CX and enhance it with AI.

We divide our solutions into three categories. Auto-pilot, co-pilot, and analytics and data. This is based on the level of input required and the focus that the solutions have. Our role as a company is therefore either as an integrator, transformer or advisor. All depending on how we approach your business.

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We advise CX leaders on how to leverage the latest and best in AI tech - and any new opportunities on the horizon.

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We’re people-first and technology agnostic, which means we know exactly how to turn human talent up a notch with pioneering AI.

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We turn classic customer support into future-ready CX hubs, using GenAI, data-driven insights, and custom solutions to deliver unparalleled value.

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Auto-pilot solutions

Supercharging your CX by automatically, efficiently, and cleverly resolving customer and agent requests on every channel.

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Co-pilot solutions

Helping agents be even closer to your customers, by equipping them with a new superpowered sidekick - AI.

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Analytics & data

Taking analytics to a level unseen. Transform vast, untapped, raw data into actionable, predictive, and proactive insights.

Artificial intelligence.
Real results.

Automated Translation.

This client wanted to grow across European countries, which caused a challenge in scaling customer service operations and the ability to be wherever their customers are, in their native languages.
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Conversational analytics.

We’ve been partnering with PayPal for 16 years now, and we’ve been able to overachieve and reach their dream NPS target of 60+ using solutions such as conversational analytics.
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Conversational AI bots.

This client realized they needed to start a digital transformation journey that required a detailed investigation of all processes and systems, and potential to introduce conversational AI.
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Meet our AI advisory team.

Great tech is nothing without the knowledge of how to implement and use it. That’s where our advisory team comes in. Our crew of experts has supported hundreds of companies, succeeded in 300+ digital transformation projects, and performed 3000+ digital solutions implementations across 15+ industries in 20+ countries - all through our hands-on and tactical approach. If you’re looking for someone who truly understands what your business needs to thrive, then we’re the partner for you.


Some of our products.

AESOP - AI Enabled Smart Omnichannel

Everything you need to create an operation as good as a fairytale.
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IRIS - Integrated Real-time Interaction Solution

A peek into what video call tech can do for your business’ CX.
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ADA - Agent Development Accelerator

Boost your training process with a visionary solution.
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Need more info? Check out our guide to AI in CX.

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Some of the
brilliant brands
we're behind.

Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

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