03 April 2019

Transcom and Whirlpool launch conversational commerce solution to accelerate customer service experience

In February, Transcom and Whirlpool launched a new conversational customer service channel using the WhatsApp Business API. The new channel was introduced by a simple banner on Whirlpool’s website along other options such as voice and chat, and rapidly claimed the position as one of the preferred channels for Whirlpool’s customers.

"We are an innovative company always with the purpose of keeping households running smoothly and making homework easy. This year we are proud to celebrate 100 years Bauknecht, our main brand for Germany." says Nora Haug, Business Development & Consumer Journey Manager Consumer Service DACH. "The relaunch of our homepage was the ideal opportunity to introduce new communication channels such as live chat to increase customer satisfaction by offering service in the channel they prefer. Given that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging solutions globally, the decision to implement the WhatsApp Business solution was easy. It resonates with our mission to become a benchmark for customer service. The first results show both a high affinity to our messaging service and increased consumer satisfaction. This new mobile channel allows us to help more people in less time and to enhance the user experience by offering the channels and services our consumers want".  

The WhatsApp Business API was launched in August 2018. The solution is a game-changer within traditional multi- and omni-channel thinking, and moves the focus further to the consumer experience. One of the main advantages is the natural interaction between the consumer and the brand, making it faster and easier than ever to contact customer service, also allowing the exchange of multimedia messages in images and voice, as well as analyzing the sentiment of the conversation in realtime to understand how the interaction is perceived by the customer.  The solution is based on LiveEngage from LivePerson.

“The customer care industry needs to move at the pace of consumers, staying on top of trends is not enough. We need to be obsessed about consumer behavior to identify how we can make the most impact and quickly convert ideas and concepts into ready solutions”, says Michael Weinreich, President & CEO of Transcom, and continues:

“We’re pleased to work with such a forward leaning company as Whirlpool. By their openness to new ways to create meaningful conversations and relationships with their customers, our joint team was able to go from concept to implemented solution in less than three months.”