30 January 2020

E-commerce and our flexible customer service solutions

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Customer service is very important for e-commerce, especially if there is no physical store for customers to turn to. It is important to have staffing during the times when the customers are most active, as one's own resource pool is not enough all the way. We have profitable and effective solutions for this.

Many of our partners are from the e-commerce world, which has made us particularly skilled in e-commerce - whether it is B2B or B2C. It is an industry in which it can be difficult to predict e.g. influx of customer service matters, conversion of upcoming campaigns or technical problems.

We are always ready to move in
This is where we come in. We have a variety of solutions where we always adapt our model to your needs. We work in all known e-commerce systems, which facilitates integration between us and our partners. That way we can quickly and easily take over the baton when needed.

With our extensive experience, we also have the opportunity to quickly appoint talented personnel who, with short development time, achieve your goals. We can adjust our staffing so that it seamlessly meets your need with full coverage for the most critical periods and automatically scales down as volumes decrease. Staffing should always dynamically follow your sales and actual needs.

We have all experienced once when the cup overflows and we cannot control it. We can also help and cover up when the internal staffing is not enough. Our staff is trained in e-commerce and sales, which at short notice and with high quality are connected to the system and help when there is a crisis. We usually say it's like pushing a button, and it's almost like that - we're ready to jump in before it runs over.