15 January 2020

Engage customers and employees with gamification



Gamification is an innovative solution that, with its proven ability, improves the commitment and motivation of your employees or customers, while increasing their knowledge and development.

Gamification <3 Customer Service

Gamification is about picking up game elements, where the purpose is to motivate people to become more involved and engaged by making tasks more fun and easy.

The most common misconception about gamification is that it creates games to be used on web pages. Rather, it is about strengthening and / or improving something existing, such as the recruitment process, by making it more satisfactory to perform.

Applying gamification to a customer service department in the form of game methodology and game design motivates, engages and reinforces the positive behavior of the user. In this way, gamification not only leads to increased employee satisfaction, but also has a major impact on customer satisfaction. This in turn will lead to increased profitability and greater attractiveness for the company.

Example: Onboarding with gamification

A good example where gamification has proven to be very effective is while onboarding a new colleague. The introductory weeks at a new workplace are often very information-heavy, which may mean that you do not remember what you have been told in the long run.

It becomes even more difficult if you hire more people at the same time, which is often the case for customer service work. With gamification, you can get on board smoother, faster and more by, for example, creating a quiz, where new employees get to show what they learned the first time while getting a rehearsal. In this way, the company also knows what parts of the onboarding could be improved, or even added.