30 January 2020

High quality with proper follow-up


One thing that makes us stand out from the crowd is that we never miss a follow-up. In this way, we ensure that customer service always maintains quality and efficiency at a high and steady level.

It is important to have clear processes in order to have results that are sustainable over time. We carry out follow-up of all work done, both internally and towards partners. Partly by monitoring individual results in real time, but also by retrospectively analyzing results in their entirety.

To carry out good follow-ups, we use a variety of systems that are set to call attention to certain types of deviations. There we have three basic components in order to create an effective and successful follow-up.

1. Goal Orientation Our measurement tools allow each agent to have a clear idea of ​​what is expected of them. At the same time, goals are set at several levels, for assignments, customers and partners in general. This way we can quickly see which parts are delivering and which need to be refined.

2. Reaction time A short reaction time for a possible speed obstacle allows us to be back on track quickly. It is important to pick it up in time and adjust it directly to avoid it affecting efficiency.

3. Activity It is important to review and analyze in order to identify areas for improvement. Each part is linked to an activity that helps us identify the cause of a deviation. Then we can find out how to fix it and find out what results we can expect from the measure.

You decide Follow-ups are based on our partner's strategic goals down to the individual goals of the employees. With an improved follow-up of objectives and quality, we have been able to demonstrate an increased level of commitment and well-being of the staff, which in turn brings an increased profit for our partner. It is important to run the line out.