30 January 2020

Outsourcing - the smartest thing you can do

outsourceOf course, it can feel scary to hand over the responsibility for the core business to someone else. But you leave nothing - you become part of a collaboration where specialists, with expert knowledge and time, take care of your customer service while focusing on what you are best at.

Outsourcing to Transcom is taking the help of someone with several years of experience in customer service, who has had many years to learn from the industry and continues to develop.

We set goals and KPIs to increase efficiency and conversion, we look for and train the agents so they fit well with your brand while at the forefront of digital development. Everything according to your needs, goals and challenges. That's what outsourcing is all about - that we help you get even better.

We can do this with customer service. We are 27,000 customer service specialists, in 50 facilities in 20 countries, which provide services in 33 languages to international customers in different industries. It is still quite different. Customer service is what we do, breathe, live and dream about at night. We are experts in recruitment, how we reduce staff turnover and sick leave, work environment and everything else that belongs to good customer service. That's why we want to do it for you.

Important with a close relationshipThe most important part of a collaboration for us is that you - our customer and partner - are always on the first floor. Our agents are trained to work on your values, your tonality and brand platform. We are constantly monitoring, tweaking and evaluating and improving - always together.

You become one of us, but we become even more of you.