15 January 2020

Sales + Customer Service = $ Qty

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It is important to be there for the customer when they need it most. E-commerce's Achilles heel is right there - when the answer to the question does not exist and there is no one to ask. With the help of customer service, even the most confused customer can complete their purchase.

The fact that a customer fails to complete his purchase, leaves the shopping cart full of goods and does not return may be due to uncertainty. And when there's no one to ask, it's easier to just stop in the middle of their purchase. There, dynamic chat or messaging can be powerful tools that allow the customer to ask their question and get answers quickly.

This can increase e-commerce conversion and also drive increased customer satisfaction. Customer service thus adds value to the famous last step, the last click required for the customer to complete his purchase.

We train agents in sales and service

We believe that good service is selling. Therefore, we train our agents not only in good customer service and service, but also in sales. Now we should not try to convince you that we are professionals in sales, because we are specialists in customer service and that is what we do best. However, in order to improve the customer journey in e-commerce, for example, it is often about capturing the customer and facilitating the process for his or her purchase.

There is not always a straight commercial opportunity for sales. Regardless of the situation, we strive to make it a good experience that benefits both our partner and our partner's customers. There, a sales service becomes crucial, even if the company does not directly sell anything through customer service. When the customer gets a good experience, chances are it will return, leave a good review or tell friends and acquaintances about the e-commerce store.