23 April 2020

Speech Analytics Empower Digital Transformation

The New Normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced organisations to find new solutions and change their way of working almost from one day to the other. Transcom has done a tremendous job moving more than half of the workforce to Work-At-Home (WAH) to keep everyone safe. Large groups of employees have moved from an organized and well-suited collaborative workspace, with support functions and managers on sight, to temporary home offices with family isolation and social distancing. This has presented massive challenges, not only emotional for the employees but also technical challenges. WAH operational model creates a safe environment for the employees and is helping to slow down the spread of Covid-19. 

The new normal presents new challenges!

In the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, organisations are fighting to stay available for their consumers, forcing them to think outside the box, and to think fast. Organisations now have an increased demand to move consumer conversational relationships to chat, messaging, social applications channels and AI technologies such as virtual agents and automation. This presents several benefits for the customer with multiple communication channels and, in many cases, 24/7 availability.


Start your digital transformation journey today!

Digital transformation is defined as “the use of technology to radically improve performance or reach of enterprises” and is a hot topic for organizations across the globe these days. The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for digital transformation forcing organisations to take immediate actions to continue to be available for their customers and to continue to stay in business.


The Voice of your customers

Before you start your digital transformation journey, a prerequisite to a successful implementation of a digital communication solution is to know and understand your customers! What are your customers asking about and what do they need, frequently asked questions, incidents and not the least, what channels do your customers prefer? You need to know how your digital platform should be designed and where to enable it and still provide excellent customer experience?

You are losing 97.8% of your data 

In a manual process, Quality assurance staff (QAS), or team leaders, listen to 10 calls per agent per month. The QAS fills in forms evaluating different skills and kpi's. In addition, add on the human perception and interpretation of the calls, soft skills, and the data collection process to make overall reports and statistics. 

The total average number of handled calls per agent per month in 2019 was 464 calls. When you review 10 calls per agent per month, you only review 2.2% of all calls meaning you are missing out on 97.8% of your customer information. This manual process and human variables make it impossible to assure that processes and compliance are met..?


Voice Analytics - 100% Automation

With Transcom Voice Analytics, you will automatically analyze 100% of all calls and enable clever utilization of interaction data to quickly and accurately understand consumer needs and insight to get a positive outcome of your digital transformation. Automating speech analytic processes is an enabler for clear priorities and tangible results. To see and understand the behavior of 100% of your customers will present you with the insights and knowledge to design your digital solution to best support your customers and your business.