07 June 2024

Leveraging AI and translation for a brilliant tech brand.

Leveraging AI and translation for a brilliant tech brand.

The background.

Our partner, a world-renowned technology leader, has a long history of excellence in the tech world. Their cutting-edge products and technologies have shaped how we live and interact in the digital world. From the smartphones we use every day to the advanced display panels used in various industries, their influence is undeniable.

When they approached us, they were facing a significant challenge with their service booking process. Errors in this process were leading to unnecessary costs. We were excited to collaborate with them to analyze the root causes of these issues and develop strategies to optimize the entire process.

The solution.

Our in-depth analysis of the existing processes unveiled the underlying reasons for a significant number of booking errors. We focused our efforts on creating a smoother, more efficient service booking workflow that would not only cut down on operational expenses but also elevate the overall customer experience.

Business Process Mapping 

One of the key challenges we identified was a lack of consistent knowledge and understanding across both our client's internal teams and their external contact center partners. This was impacting the accuracy and efficiency of the booking process.

To tackle this, we began by thoroughly mapping out the current workflow, identifying areas of confusion, inconsistency, and quantifying the financial impact these issues were having on our client.

Knowledge Standardization 

Armed with a clear understanding of the problem, we set about designing new, improved processes for service bookings. To ensure complete alignment, we launched a comprehensive regional campaign, involving all stakeholders and partners. The refined processes were then rolled out not only across all contact centers but also within our client's own service centers.

The results.

Our implementation achieved a remarkable error rate of just 3%, significantly surpassing the organization's target of 7%. This outstanding result demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach in minimizing errors and improving overall accuracy.

This reduction in errors has not only enhanced the quality of our operations but also resulted in substantial cost savings. By minimizing the need for rework and corrective measures, we have achieved an estimated monthly cost savings of approximately $200,000. This demonstrates the tangible financial benefits of our focus on accuracy and efficiency.

Leveraging AI and translation for a brilliant tech brand. - results

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