16 May 2024

Reducing process errors, using gamification to reduce AHT & generating additional revenue for a travel company.

Reducing process errors, using gamification to reduce AHT & generating additional revenue for a travel company.

The background.

A major European travel portal client was facing a multi-faceted challenge that threatened their brand reputation and bottom line. The company needed to expand its delivery locations across Europe to better serve its growing customer base. However, they were also experiencing a high rate of booking errors, resulting in lost revenue and frustrated customers. Additionally, the company needed to provide cost-effective multilingual customer support to cater to its diverse clientele, while maintaining the high level of service their brand was known for.

The rising costs of their existing contact center model were unsustainable, and the company was struggling to find a solution that could address all of these issues. A key contributing factor to the booking errors was the complex nature of the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) used in the travel industry, specifically Sabre and Amadeus. These systems had a steep learning curve for new employees, and even experienced agents made costly mistakes, resulting in an estimated loss of 200,000 Euros per month. The company was in urgent need of a comprehensive solution that could streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction, all while keeping costs under control.

The solution.

To address our client's complex needs, we implemented a two-site solution based in Tunis and Budapest. This strategic approach allowed us to provide comprehensive multilingual support, covering French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, and International English, with a team of over 240 highly skilled agents. Our services encompassed a wide range of functions, including:

  • Inbound service: Handling customer inquiries, booking modifications, and resolving issues in a timely and professional manner.
  • Back office (including ticket management): Managing customer support tickets, ensuring that all inquiries were addressed and resolved efficiently.
  • Facebook monitoring: Actively monitoring the client's social media channels to respond to customer feedback and inquiries promptly.

This robust solution not only improved the client's customer service capabilities but also drove revenue growth. By adding package vacations to their offerings, Transcom agents were able to cross-sell and upsell, significantly increasing the client's overall sales. The combination of multilingual support, efficient back-office operations, and proactive social media engagement proved to be a winning formula for the client, enhancing their brand reputation and boosting their bottom line.

The results.

Our comprehensive solution not only addressed the client's immediate needs but also delivered significant long-term improvements. By reworking their booking processes, we were able to drastically reduce booking error costs from a staggering 200,000 Euros per month to a mere 4,000 Euros. This substantial reduction in errors translated to significant cost savings for the client.

Through targeted training and development programs, we also achieved a remarkable 40% increase in Transcom agents' knowledge of GDS systems, products, and processes. This enhanced expertise empowered agents to handle customer inquiries more efficiently and effectively, further improving the overall customer experience.

To boost agent productivity and engagement, we implemented a mobile Gamification app, which resulted in a 20-second decrease in Average Handling Time (AHT). This improvement in efficiency enabled agents to handle more inquiries in less time, optimizing resource utilization and reducing operational costs.

Finally, by incorporating cross-selling and upselling elements into the vacation package offerings, we generated an additional 15,000 Euros in revenue per month for the client. This successful implementation of sales strategies demonstrates our commitment to driving revenue growth and maximizing client profitability

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