24 March 2022

A brilliant online retail company: “Transcom transformed our customer service.”

Our brilliant client is an online garden center and equipment shop, brightening up homes and beautifying gardens in 8 European markets. Customers can contact them through phone and digital channels, in 5 different languages.
Together with Transcom and Zendesk, this online retailer went through a smooth digital transformation in just one year, revamped their customer service operations, and reached their goal to significantly lower TCO and improve CX.


This company experienced many different challenges that initiated the need for a complete makeover of their customer service design:

  1. Poor CSAT caused by inefficient tools and processes
  2. Lack of integration between systems resulting in inefficient handling of inquiries and limited reporting options
  3. Insufficient contact forms that were static and uninformative, with no filtering options
  4. Lack of CSAT categorization 
  5. Static knowledge base resulted in lack of efficiency during contact handling

Transcom Solution

Transcom built a SaaS solution where all customer service and e-commerce processes were integrated to provide better visibility, reporting, and support the entire customer journey


Transcom redesigned the client's customer service and integrated all e-commerce and CS processes into a single platform. This significantly improved the visibility of customer information, analytics, and reporting, which resulted in higher CSAT and reduced AHT. It also transformed a traditional mail-order business into a highly competitive e-commerce brand.


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Continuous improvement

After we launched the initial solution of the Zendesk platform, the client was very satisfied with the smooth transition and immediate results. They asked for more improvements to further enhance their CX. And so, within the first 12 months of our partnership, we implemented a messaging router, connected messaging channels, implemented IVR in multiple languages, implemented a Knowledgebase and a FAQ bot, and also launched an ongoing customer success program. 

In July 2021, before the implementation of messaging, emails accounted for 100% of customer contacts. As of January 2022, emails account for less than 10% of contacts, while messaging (including social media and bots) made up 92% of all digital inbound volumes, and 61% of all volumes.



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