Relentlessly committed to your ambition.

We’re CX fanatics, as passionate about our clients as their fans are. It’s why the most-loved brands in the world rely on us. You'll find us behind the brilliance of disruptive e-commerce players, category redefining fintechs, technology legends, and more.

Big ideas, brought to life.

Back in 1995, Swedish investment company Kinnevik had a vision of founding a global customer service provider with big ambitions and brilliant clients. That's how Transcom was born. Within a decade, we expanded across Europe and soon after, kicked off work-at-home operations in North America, followed by business in the US, Canada and the Philippines. What made it possible? For one, a nimble attitude towards on, off, and nearshoring, which we call smartshoring. For another, endless curiosity, embracing cultures, and relentless commitment to our clients' success.

Powered by people.

When you're relentlessly committed to clients, you need people who share your passion. That means not only attracting top talent and helping them grow their careers, but creating connections with every community you join. When it comes to people, our policy is open doors. Brilliant futures. Strong roots. So that we can build the brilliance together, as a team.

Your digital demands, met.

Transcom clients know digital excellence when they see it. Particularly when that innovation drives their brands forward, customer satisfaction up and operating costs down. We see the opportunity in every chat, call, word and script. To use our digital solutions and tech to make a difference, make things even better, and bring your ambitions to life in new and exciting ways.

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Some of the brilliant brands we're behind.

The people behind the brilliance.

Our people are our greatest strength. Ambitious, committed, savvy, and always looking for the best way to make sure the work gets done. Transcom people grow as much as they want. Go as far as they can. They work with the world’s most beloved brands from day one. And we make sure we're here for them, creating brilliant futures as we go.

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Get behind the brilliance.

When people join the Transcom team, doors open. Working with the world's most exciting brands, always learning and growing, connecting with their communities. We create brilliant futures - ready for the taking. Ready for you.

Some quick facts.

Company facts
Company facts
  • Founded: 1995

  • Global headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

  • President & CEO: Brian Johnson

  • Ownership: Transcom is a privately owned company. Altor Fund IV is the majority owner, alongside significant minority investor Gunilla von Platen, as well as key people from the Transcom management team.

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Global reach
Market & services

Xzakt and Awesome OS are part of the Transcom family.

Awesome OS

Awesome OS is a next-generation business services outsourcing company that enables the most prominent startups and e-commerce companies to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight.  Awesome OS provides best-in-class customer service operations, back-office support, web/software development, and graphic design services that empower companies to prioritise their core functions. Acquired by Transcom in 2018, Awesome OS is a part of the Transcom WorldWide family.


Xzakt is one of the leading companies in outsourced customer service in Scandinavia. With over 20 years of experience, we offer world-class services to some of the most exciting companies in the Nordic region. We have over 300 customer-obsessed employees and deliver our services from sites in Gävle, Skellefteå, Eskilstuna, and Malaga. We have a unique operating model that works really well with fast-growing tech & e-com companies supporting them with smart, flexible, and high-quality solutions for their customer service. Founded by Gunilla von Platen in 2000 and acquired by Altor in 2017, today Xzakt is a part of the Transcom Worldwide family.

Let's start something brilliant.