Startup, scaleup, world domination.

We've been around for a long time. We span the globe. We speak your language and move as fast as you do. Both in terms of digital demands and ambitions.

Taking the headache out of hypergrowth.

With fast expansion comes the need for adaptation - not just quickly, but efficiently. Avoiding bottlenecks in your customer journeys is the way to keep your brand's name in their good books. Loyalty and advocacy is everything these days, and when you're building an empire, the foundations should be strong.

Our solution.

We speak your language, and we've been where you are. With the most exciting startups and scaleups on earth. Working with unicorns, and creating greatness from fast growing market disruptors through Transcom and Awesome OS. That's why we know how to support you and your customers. Growing as you grow. And being as excited about the future as you are. Because we are relentlessly committed to your ambition.

Up and down.

Scaling up and down. Ramping in the blink of an eye. Flexing and stretching however much you need. This is our strength, and we've got you covered when it comes to what matters most to your customers.

You won't outgrow us.

That's the beauty of having a global, well established partner behind you. We follow you and raise the bar. While keeping your growth profitable. By using smart technology we make sure our team doesn't double when your customer base does.

Make them stay.

We value your customers just as much as you do, so we'd hate to see them leave. That's why we are close to them, understand their pains, and keep them happy with your brand. Training, planning and setting targets are key to that.

Transcom & Awesome OS

Back in 2018 Awesome OS joined the Transcom Group. Together, we support more than 200 fast growing market disruptors in the e-commerce, tech, and internet space.

The Awesome way

Awesome OS provides high-touch, personalised customer experience for hypergrowth internet and e-commerce companies. We developed a results-driven approach to customer service based on 12 years of partnering with over 90 high-growth startups and midsize companies.

If they say it can't be done, talk to us instead.

A brilliant tech startup: “Transcom transformed our customer service to meet our hyper growth”

61% of total volume

is routed to a Transcom bot to process backend transactions with RPA

Offshore operations in Davao

expanded the client's social media platforms support
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Meet our solutions.

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CX Services

We are digital architects. So naturally, everything we do is enhanced by leading tech and innovation.

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Digital solutions

Transcom clients have some of the most demanding digital agendas on earth. They know good when they see it.

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Transformation solutions

We’ll bring our experts and our agile ways of working, you bring your ambitions.

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Let's start something brilliant.