20 July 2020

Transcom North America recertified for COPC Customer Experience Standard for Work-From-Home Technical Support Program

Transcom North America today announced that it has been recertified to the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard for Outsource Service Providers Release R6.1. The COPC CX Standard is the most prestigious and widely used performance management system for customer experience operations worldwide. Transcom North America operates a large U.S. and Canadian footprint of work-from-home advisors supporting a variety of client programs as the core of its rapidly growing global distributed agent platform.

“Transcom was the first service provider to achieve COPC CX Certification in a Work From Home environment in 2019, in support of our goal towards sustaining global leadership in the virtual work space with a built-for-purpose ‘future of work’ delivery model. We are extremely proud of our experienced and proven team having achieved recertification of this universally recognized mark of quality”, says Aaron Favara, Senior VP, Global Accounts & Virtual Work, and continues: “It is of course particularly relevant in the ‘new normal’ environment, where safety and business continuity are of paramount importance to our employees and clients, whilst sustaining the very highest standards of quality.”

Certification to the COPC CX Standard provides recognition and validation of a company’s outstanding operational performance in providing an exceptional customer service as well as using consistent processes and best practices to achieve quality, efficiency, service, and customer satisfaction.

“We truly enjoyed working with the Transcom team for the recertification. They worked hard with us to ensure completion of this comprehensive performance management system. It is truly an achievement and a solid commitment to deliver solid, high quality services to their clients”, says Cyndy Edwards, Director, COPC Inc., and the lead auditor on the Transcom Recertification project.

This instance of COPC Inc. Recertification applies to a work-from-home program providing technical support services for a major Transcom client with operations throughout the U.S. Certification to the COPC CX Standard demonstrates an organization’s commitment to excellence and validates their achievement of high performance for quality, efficiency, service, and customer satisfaction. The COPC CX Standard is managed by the COPC Standards Committee, comprised of industry leaders and innovators.